Marlena wakes up in the Secret Room, confused. She looks around at the room and her bloody pillow and clutches her head. In the great room, Gabigail sings a love song and plays the piano. Stefan walks in, entranced. As she plays, marlena-locked-secret-room-days-nbcAbigail paces Marlena’s office, which is in black and white, and she wonders where she is. She flashes to her appointment with Marlena and being fearful she was losing her mind. She wonders what Marlena was about to tell her when she had the migraine. Meanwhile, Stefan lets Gabigail know that Gabi Hernandez was found guilty. It’s good news to them both. Back downstairs, Marlena cannot believe she’s back in the Secret Room. She flashes to her altercation with Stefan and Gabigail. Back upstairs, Gabigail dresses as Abigail and removes the wig. When she kisses Stefan, Abigail can see them. When she tries to leave the office, Gabigail jerks back from Stefan. Stefan goes to check on Marlena. She’s angry and asks, “What happens next?” He has to keep her there until ‘they’ figure things out. Marlena says he’s in capable of helping someone with a serious psychological disorder. Stefan’s not trying to cure her. He’s in love with her. Marlena reminds him she’s not a real person and warns that Abigail and Dr. Laura will fight him. Gabby can never take over. Stefan will cherish the rest of their time then. Marlena offers to help Stefan with his obsession, saying if he stays on this path, it’ll take over his life.jen-has-not-seen-abby-days-nbc

Chad finds Jenn at Doug’s Place. He asks how she’s feeling. Jenn’s confused. She’s fine. She feels bad that she and Abigail haven’t connected since the trial. She was surprised at Abby’s outburst in court. Chad’s sure they’ll find the real killer and bring them to justice.

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At the loft, Claire talks with Theo on FaceTime or something about wanting to win the Face of Bella contest. She cons him into making sure she wins.

In the square, Ciara’s upset to cliare-rig-contest-days-nbclearn Tripp voted for Claire in the contest.

John comes upon Kate at the Brady’s pub. He notices she has two martinis. She says one is for Andre. John didn’t realize she really loved him. “The heart wants what the heart wants, John,” she says. John’s sorry she’s missing Andre. He asks if she’s seen Marlena. She hasn’t, which worries him more. He can’t get a hold of her. Kate muses that Marlena takes housecalls. Still, John can’t shake the feeling that there’s something wrong. He goes and Jennifer drops by. She wonders if Kate has a quote for her about the verdict with Gabi Hernandez being found guilty in Andre’s murder. Kate says that Gabi didn’t do it and Abigail misinterpreted something Gabi said. Kate won’t rest until the real killer is found.

chad-begs-abby-help-him-days-nbcChad arrives home and demands Abigail tell him where she was last night and why she lied to him about seeing her mother? “Abigail” tells him it’s none of her business. He reminds her he’s her husband. She’s not interested in talking. Meanwhile, Abigail picks up Marlena’s phone just as Chad says, “Abigail, I want to speak to you about this.” Abby’s excited, but Gabigail tells Chad he’s smothering her. They debate over whether Gabi is guilty. Chad thinks she’s innocent and that Stefan’s altered his wife’s mind. Abigail can hear Chad again as Gabigail agrees to see Marlena about this. Chad goes and Gabigail gets a headache.

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Ciara storms into the loft with Tripp at her heels. They argue and Claire realizes Tripp voted for her over Ciara. “No wonder she’s breathing fire!” Claire’s grateful for his support. She runs to call Theo as Ciara holds back tears. Tripp explains that this contest means a lot to Claire, and he knew how crushed she’d be when she lost. “We both know she’s going to lose.” Ciara cries that he wasn’t even thinking of her. Ciara thinks he’s still into Claire and won’t be anyone’s second choice. Tripp gasps. He wants to be with Ciara, not Claire.

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John goes to Marlena’s office at the hospital and learns Abigail DiMera was his wife’s last patient.

At the square, Claire talks to Theo again online, begging him to help her win the contest.

John arrives at the mansion and asks who he thinks is Abigail, if she’s seen Marlena. In his room, Chad looks at his wedding photo, sadly. A call comes in and he rushes out. Downstairs, Andre appears to the real Abigail when she calls for help. He’ll help her.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Rafe and Chad work together to get Gabi out of prison.

John meets Gabigail though he doesn’t know it.

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