Paul walks into the DiMera lounge and Kate asks if he has dirt on Vivian yet. Paul tells her about Vivian’s meeting with Maggie and Victor and requested peace, though the Kiriakis couple thinks she’s lying. That’s all Paul has. He apologizes. He and his dad are working overtime since Steve left the business. Kate snaps that Blind Steve could do better. She fires Paul. He convinces her to reconsider and vows to find out Vivian’s secrets.

At the park, Leo fills Vivian in on how terribly it went at Titan on his first day. Sonny didn’t even make eye contact with him. Vivian reminds him he seduced Sonny once. “Do it again!”

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny and Justin discuss Gabi’s incarceration. Justin asks after Leo. Sonny confides that they’re over because Leo got a job as his assistant at Titan. “Of all the gin joints,” Justin says. He agrees it’s not a good idea to get involved with an employee. Suddenly, Leo calls. He asks to meet. Sonny accepts and they disconnect.

Adrienne and Will dine at the pub. He’s grateful to her for welcoming him to the Spectator. She wants his first assignment to be the story of his resurrection with Dr. Rolf bringing him back with that drug. It could be the story of the century if Rolf’s medical advances could be shared with the world. Will thinks it’d be great, but he’s dead and the only other who knows anything is Susan. He can’t reach out to her. He has mixed feelings about her. Adrienne understands. She asks him to consider it. Kate arrives. Will goes to say hello and tells her about his job at the Spectator. Kate’s happy to hear it. He tells her about his conversation with Adrienne and she thinks it’s a great idea. There may be someone else Will could talk to.

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At SPD, Hope and Rafe argue about whether or not it’s best to end their marriage. Rafe tosses out the annulment papers and invites her to take him to court if she wants out of this marriage. Hope’s more upset than ever. He thinks she’s afraid to forgive him. She denies it. He moves in close and says he wants to prove to her daily that he’s sorry. She weakens momentarily when it looks as though he’ll kiss her, and then backs away. Rafe will never give up on her. He leaves and she smiles, despite herself.Episode # 13319

At the square, Ciara and Claire squabble about who will be the Face of Bella as Tripp watches nearby. When Ciara leaves, Claire asks Tripp to say something to her fans but he can’t get in between them. Claire whines about how Theo’s gone, her singing career isn’t great and this is all she has. She asks him to Episode # 13319finish her shift and runs off.

Rafe arrives at the Kiriakis house. He lets Justin know Hope wants an annulment and he’d like to hire Justin to fight it. Justin’s jaw drops. He respects Rafe’s determination but if Hope wants the annulment, there’s nothing they can do but stall the process. Rafe’s happy for that. He finds Justin and Adrienne’s reunion inspiring. Justin agrees that some things are worth fighting for. “Exactly,” Rafe says, leaving. Adrienne arrives. They talk about Sonny as they snuggle.

Ciara arrives at SPD, crushed to learn her mother asked Rafe for an annulment. Ciara agrees with Rafe that the two belong together. She talks about the contest and belittles Claire for wanting to win so badly. Hope reminds her daughter that she and Claire are family and Ciara’s acting unkindly. Hope thinks her kid should end it and drop out of the contest. Ciara admits she started the contest to get to Claire but now she’s actually excited at the prospect of winning. Hope’s glad to hear that. She goes and Rafe returns to tell her she’ll be dealing with his lawyer, Justin, about the annulment.

Vivian hides as Sonny finds Leo at the park. Leo surprises Sonny with a kiss and asks that they date on the sly. “Come home with me,” he suggests. Morally, and ethically, Sonny just can’t. He leaves and Vivian comes from her hiding position and glares at Leo. She wants him to fix this. They part ways as Paul shows himself…

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Ciara returns to the square and learnEpisode # 13319s Tripp finally voted – for Claire.

At the loft, Claire talks to Theo on FaceTime, asking if he can help find her new followers like he did before to help her win, even if it means rigging the contest.

Sonny arrives home and tells his parents that Leo wanted to have his cake and eat it too, “But I’m off carbs,” Sonny says.

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