Brady bumps right into Eve outside the Brady’s pub. He asks to treat her to dinner but she refuses, so he heads in and has a beer with his dad. John notices his son is upset. Brady shares the whole story Episode # 13318about him leading Eve on in order to get Basic Black back. They agree Brady screwed up royally but Brady insists he loves her and vows to get her back.

At Doug’s Place, Lucas thinks he knows who Miguel’s boss is. He runs off to get confirmation. Eve arrives. Chloe gets her some wine while she shares the news about the guy wanting to produce an opera in Mexico for her to star in. Eve’s thrilled but Chloe tells her that Lucas thinks something shady is going on. They agree Lucas is overprotective but Chloe admits it’s nice to have someone to have her back. “Instead of stabbing you in it,” Eve says glumly. Chloe’s sorry, knowing she’s hurting over Brady. Eve tells Chloe not to let anyone stop her from pursuing her dreams. She suggests Chloe go. They talk Episode # 13318about Brady and Eve tells her about the bet Brady made with her to back off if Claire wins. Chloe asks if she’s just pushing him away out of hurt pride but Eve assures her she’s not.

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Kate gets off a call with someone, telling them that the sooner “that wretched woman is out of my life the better,” and disconnects.

At SPD, Rafe is shocked that Hope thinks their whole relationship was a lie when he did one stupid thing. Hope insinuates that there was more. She reminds him he gave up on them and hands him signed annulment papers. Rafe’s surprised. No matter how much he loves her, it means nothing? Hope knows he loves her. She’s sorry and asks him to Episode # 13318sign. He won’t. He reminds her of their elopement. He wants to spend the rest of his life making up for his mistake. He tosses the papers in the bin and Hope purses her lips.

Chad visits Gabi at Statesville. She’s visibly unhappy and asks why he’s there. He’s her friend. He relays Rafe’s message that Arianna’s being cared for well and that the appeal was filed. Gabi can’t believe any of this is happening. Chad will prove she’s innocent. “Even if it means implicating your wife?” Gabi asks. Gabi doesn’t think Abby has forgiven them for being together. Chad disagrees, knowing Abby’s been secure in his love. Gabi claims that all women have a hard time with jealousy. Chad knows his wife loves Gabi and would never willingly lie Episode # 13318or collude with Stefan. Gabi asks if he thinks her mental illness is back. Chad is pretty sure he’d have noticed.

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At the mansion, Gabigail frets after hitting Marlena over the head with a fire poker and knocking her unconscious. She worries the psychiatrist is dead. Stefan says she’s not. They hear Kate let herself in and they scramble to hide Marlena. Kate enters the lounge and notices the wardrobe is moved away from the wall. Meanwhile, in the secret room, which Gabigail calls “Dr. Laura’s hideaway,” Marlena is placed on a bed near a rack of clothing and a chest of drawers. Back in the lounge, Lucas finds his mother. He confronts her on her ploy to get Chloe out of the country. She swears she doesn’t know what he’s talking about but that Chloe would be an idiot to pass it up. Lucas worries it’s a scam. Since he can’t tell if his mother is being honest, he leaves. Back Episode # 13318downstairs in the secret room, Gabigail worries about what Marlena’s family will think when they notice she’s missing. She tears up, thinking it’s all over for her. She doesn’t want to lose Stefan. He kisses her and reassures her she won’t. He’ll move Marlena’s call, and respond to John’s text to buy time. He goes upstairs and texts John from Marlena’s phone, then closes the wardrobe. Kate questions what he’s doing. He says the lever was broken or something and he’ll have it fixed.

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John and Brady walk through the park and John realizes Marlena’s late for their dinner date. He goes off to find her. Later, Eve walks up, sees Brady, and walks away.

Lucas returns to the club and fills Chloe in on his talk with his mother. He’s seriously not sure if Kate is behind it but still finds it “super weird.” Chloe admits she wants to take it.

At Marlena’s office at the hospital, John looks at Marlena’s schedule, trying to find her. He receives Marlena’s text. “Sorry about dinner. Still with a patient.” He looks puzzled.

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