At the square, Leo tells Sonny he got a job as Assistant to the CEO of Titan. Sonny is taken aback. He lets Leo know that he’s his new boss. Leo claims he had no Episode # 13316idea. Sonny asks how that’s possible since he signs his checks. Leo counters that Jackson Kiriakis does that. He just thought they were related. Sonny says he’s Jackson. Sex in the workplace is a bad idea, he says and dumps Leo. Leo can’t get Sonny to change his mind so says he’ll see him at the office.

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In the lounge at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie and Victor play gin and discuss Sonny’s new relationship with Leo. Victor grumbles that he’d better pass the Kiriakis test before things get Episode # 13316serious. Maggie squees, “Gin!” just as Vivian lets herself in. Vivian requests a dirty martini. Victor’s pissed that Henderson let her in and Vivian pouts that Henderson didn’t take her coat. “He was probably afraid there was nothing underneath it,” Victor says, snidely. She removes it, revealing a blue suit and makes herself a martini, asking to bury the hatchet. “In my skull most likely,” Maggie sniffs. Vivian claims she’s changed but they don’t believe her. “Your Stefan O is no match for our Sonny.”

At the hospital, Marlena leaves Abigail a message that she can come to an earlier appointment. She disconnects and Kayla turns up. She tells Marlena that Steve has gone completely blind and comments on how it’s the toughest thing they’ve gone through. Marlena offers to listen if she needs to talk. Kayla thanks her and asks why she accessed Abigail’s file. Marlena admits she’s treating Abby now. Kayla’s surprised since she told her that she was feeling better. Marlena’s puzzled. She confides that she did a full evaluation and Abs agreed to treatment. Once Kayla is gone, Marlena searches for her glasses. They’re gone. She flashes to her appointment with Abigail and realizes Dr. Laura was faking being Abby. She swears and takes off.

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In the lounge at the DiMera mansioEpisode # 13316n, Stefan orders Dr. Laura to let Gabigail out. Dr. Laura won’t let him ruin Abigail’s relationship with her husband. Stefan doesn’t care what Abigail thinks. Dr. Laura does. Stefan calls Dr. Laura “some quack” and Lauragail calls Gabby a fragment. Finally, Gabby comes out and immediately kisses Stefan then goes to the tunnels where she changes and dons her wig. She returns and Stefan serves her champagne. They laugh at Dr. Laura for helping Gabi Hernandez’s murder case and Gabigail wants sex. They make out. Though Stefan wants her, he fears Abby will come out. Gabby says she already has. She went to Dr. Evans. Gabigail shares the story and goes on to say, “When Marlena sent her to the nut house it was terrible. The drugs were the worst.” Stefan worries that if Marlena decides to integrate the personalities, Gabby will disappear. Gabby says there’s an appointment right now with Marlena. Stefan urges her to call and make up an excuse as to why she can’t be there. Marlena walks in. “Or you could just lie to my face,” she says.

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In court, Judge Sims finds Gabi guilty of murder. Gabi yells that they’re wrong. The judge bangs his gavel and tells Justin to get his client under control. Gabi rushes to the judge and begs him to listen that Abigail lied in her testimony. Trask suggests Rafe to get his sister out of the judge’s face. He tells her to shut up. Chad wants to appeal. Gabi blames Justin. Justin relays to Sims that they’re appealing and Trask laughs. She recommends Gabi’s sentenced to life without parole, since this is her second offense. Sims remands Gabi into custody until the appeal. Gabi asks Chad to talk to his wife. He says he tried, as did Rafe, but she’s sticking to her story. Chad’s sorry. Trask advises Gabi be held at Statesville so she’s away from Rafe. Justin begs the judge not to but he agrees to send her there until the appeal and sentencing. Gabi goes into shock. Justin apologizes and leaves and Rafe vows to find Andre’s real killer. They embrace and cry and Chad tells Gabi that Abigail has changed but he’ll find Andre’s real killer.Episode # 13316

Vivian meets Leo in the park and learns he’s now Sonny’s assistant. Vivian thinks Leo knows what to do now.

Justin meets Sonny at the square to share the verdict. Sonny’s beside himself. Justin apologizes.Episode # 13316 Rafe wants to talk to him and Will about Arianna.

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Hope comforts Rafe.

Brady makes a bet with Eve.

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