Justin and Adrienne grin wildly at each other as they remember their night – and morning of romance and love-making. They smooch as Sonny approaches. They ask about his date and Leo appears. It’s awkward. Sonny walks Leo out and they share a kiss before he leaves. He returns to his parents and Adrienne asks if they’re getting serious. Sonny says, “Here we go.” She continues to ask questions until Justin shushes her. He leaves and Adrienne continues to gush about how much she likes Leo. She’s happy he’s moving on and seems happier.

From the park, Vivian’s happy to hear Leo got Sonny into bed. Stefan appears. She notes he’s vivian-happy-leo-got-some-days-nbcdown in the dumps. “Let me guess. You’re missing your kindred spirit – Gabigail.” He admits it’s true. Vivian reminds him Gabigail isn’t even real. He knows but still thinks it’d be best if Gabby was in charge. Stefan slouches away and Leo turns up. Vivian tells him phase two must begin. Leo looks worried. Later, he tells her she’s asking a lot. Worried, he walks off.

Rafe visits Gabi at SPD. He’s sorry he couldn’t be in court yesterday but brought her breakfast. He hates to admit it but nobody saw her driving that night. He won’t give up though she thinks her fate is sealed since “Abigail” lied on the stand that she confessed to murdering Andre. Gabi assumes Abigail has “lost her mind” again. She seemed different on the stand. Gabi wonders if this is karma. Rafe says it’s not. She starts to panic about missing Ari but he comforts her and she chills out.

At the mansion, Dr. Laura gets a text meant for Abigaildrlaura-lies-chad-days--nbc, confirming their meeting. Chad walks in as Lauragail mutters ‘she’ can’t handle the truth, referring to Abby. Chad questions why she is wearing glasses. She covers that her eyesight’s been off. He questions who can’t handle the truth and Lauragail says, “Gabi.” She knows Chad doesn’t believe Gabi confessed to murdering Andre. Chad wonders if someone’s forcing Abigail to lie like Stefan. “Maybe he brainwashed you,” Chad suggests. She’s been different since her return from Hong Kong. She doesn’t respond to his touch, she’s distracted. He asks what happened in Hong Kong. Stefan wanders in. He overheard and declares he didn’t do anything to Abby. Rafe strolls in and demands to know why Abigail lied on the stand. “Abigail” wonders why everyone is questioning her. She reminds them Gabi is a “cold blooded killer.” Rafe asks why Gabi would confess to her. “Abigail” claims to have no idea, maybe for repentance. “Abigail” thinks Gabi deserves to pay for this. Stefan’s convinced. Chad admits “Abigail” is convincing but he doesn’t look like he believes her. He says he still needs to know what happened in Hong Kong. Chad tells Rafe about Stefan’s business associate who looks like the woman from the security footage. Rafe begins to ask who she was when a call comes in. The verdict is in. He tells everyone.

Jenn and Eric wake up in his bed at Horton House. He’s been enjoying watching her sleep. They snuggle and both agree this time is better since they were sober and have gotten to know one another. jen-eric-love-making-days-nbc

At the hospital, Abe is sorry he was so hard on her for how she found out the baby was Eli’s. Val understands why he was so upset. “I caused a lot of pain for your daughter, my son and JJ too.” Abe asks what the baby’s chances of survival are. Val tries to reassure him and shares that Lani wants her to be there for her and the baby. Abe knows she will be. Val also wants to be there for Abe. They hold hands and Abe admits Val was right to do what she did for her grandchild.

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Justin visits Gabi at SPD. They discuss Abigail lying on the stand and Gabi suggests she lost hergabi-tells-rafe-abby-lied-days-nbc marbles. Justin interrupts. The verdict is in. Gabi’s shocked it happened so fast.

From the square, Sonny calls his mom after hearing that the verdict is in. He bitches about his assistant quitting just as he was about to go to be with Gabi in court. They disconnect and he bumps into Leo. He tells Sonny that Titan Industries hired him for a full-time job. Vivian eavesdrops from nearby.

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Jenn and Eric have breakfast at the pub. Eric and Jenn profess how much they make each other happy. Adrienne walks in and reminds Jenn of their meeting. Eric gets a text from work and runs off and the gals discuss ‘dessert’ last night. Adrienne admits she “got some” too.

Rafe meets Justin and Gabi at the courtroom. Rafe fills Gabi in on his visit with Abigail. When “Abby” walks in, Gabi calls her a liar and tells her and Stefan to get out. They go, leaving Chad. Trask saunters in, smug. Judge Sims reads the verdict. Gabi’s found guilty

Back at the manse, Gabby wants to come out but Dr. Laura refuses her. Stefan intervenes.

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Sonny makes a difficult decision.

Vivian visits the Kiriakis residence.

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