Tripp approaches Steve and Kayla at the square. Tripp tells Steve who he is and Steve jokes, “I know who you are, dummy!” He and Kayla sit and Steve notes how quiet Tripp is. Tripp didn’t expect his father to go blind this fast. Steve just has to get used to the new norm. Kayla gets paged and has to go. She asks Tripp to stay. Steve cracks a joke about being babysat. The guys talk about the new challenge ahead for Steve. Tripp insists he won’t be facing it alone.

In the park, Abe understands Val’s need to protect her child but not at the expense of his. Val argues that she cares about Lani. Val knows she should not have looked at Lani’s medical files. She tries to say more but Abe is done with her and goes.

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In the interrogation room, Eli tells Lani he’ll be there for their baby. She refuses to let him be a part of anything. “And stop saying ‘our baby’,” she snipes. Lani would have aborted if it wasn’t for JJ. The baby will always be a reminder of her ruining her life. Eli doesn’t think the baby should be blamed for what they did. Eli thinks they can make this work. Lani doubles over in pain. “The baby,” she croaks.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad tells Stefan to stay out of this while he questions what is going on with Abigail. “Something was different. You were different,” he says, confused. Stefan interrupts and Dr. Laura takes his glasses and flees the room. She puts on the glasses and can’t see so bumps her head on the stairs on the way up and collapses. She hurts her head. She hears Gabby saying, “Dr. Laura, you can’t hide from me.” Dr. Laura tells Gabby to go away. In black and white, Dr. Laura goes to Gabby in some room and says fine, they can talk. Back in the lounge, Stefan asks which woman he believes is telling the truth. Chad doesn’t need to explain himself. He reminds his brother that he set him up in Hong Kong. Stefan lies that he didn’t even know Chad was there. He offers to tell him anything he wants to know if he can beat him at chess. Chad rolls his eyes, knowing Stefan’s a master chess player, but agrees to it. They play and Chad takes one of Stefan’s pieces. He asks if Stefan really planted the drugs on him. Stefan admits he did. “I’m kind of proud of it.” Chad keeps winning and one of his questions is how he got Andre’s cell phone. Stefan admits he stole it. Later, Chad asks if he or Vivian killed Andre. Stefano says no. They found him in his office, “And that’s when I took his phone.” Chad says why doesn’t he just admit to who killed Andre? Stefan says to win another piece and ask his next question. Chad does so and asks if the woman in the security killed his brother. “Yes, and no,” Stefan admits. Chad asks for more information about the woman. On the stairs, Dr. Laura and Gabby argue inside Abigail’s brain about working in Abigail’s best interest. Gabigail doesn’t care about Abby’s best interest because she finally found a man who gets her in Stefan. Dr. Laura plans on locking Gabby up for good. The personalities fight and Gabby finds “the key” and locks Dr. Laura up. They notice the door is open and yell, “Abigail has escaped.”

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Val goes to Marlena’s office to talk. She opens up about how she learned Lani’s baby wasn’t JJ’s and that Abe’s angry with her now. Marlena says it’s important that the truth came out. Abe will come around and forgive her. Val admits she doesn’t regret what she did. In fact, she’d do it all over again. Val tears up. Abe has brought so much joy to her life. Marlena asks her to meet Abe halfway. Val goes and Abigail arrives. She’s panting and begs for Marlena’s help.Episode # 13312

Abe turns up at Brady’s pub and finds John. He needs to talk about Val. Abe shares the whole story about Lani pretending her baby-to-be was JJ’s when it was really Eli’s and how Val knew the whole time. John thinks Abe owes Val a thank-you for getting to the truth. Is there a way he can forgive Val? Abe’s not even sure Val is sorry for what she did. Abe admits after Lexi, he didn’t Episode # 13312know he’d find love again. John smiles. He hasn’t seen his friend so happy. “I was ready to marry her,” Abe confesses. John thinks he should find a way to forgive Val. Later, John goes and Val turns up…

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Episode # 13312Kayla arrives at the hospital to examine Lani. Eli refuses to leave the room since he’s the baby daddy. Lani talks about the cramps she’s experienced. Kay leaves them alone and Lani admits this is overwhelming. Eli’s there for her.

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Abigail asks Marlena for her help.

Stefan reveals something to Chad.

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