In the courtroom, Trask questions “Abigail,” who apologizes to Gabi then testifies that Gabi confided in her that she felt guilty for killing Andre. Chad looks stunned, as Gabi stands up, screams at Abby for lying then lunges toward the witness box. The judge orders Gabi to sit down. “Abigail” emotionally confirms her testimony then places a hand on her head. Justin questions her next and demands she explain why she’s lying. Stefan smiles as Justin brings up Abby’s past mental problems. Does she blame herself for Andre’s death – for not gabi-lashes-out-at-abby-at-her-trial-days-jjbeing able to save him since Abby once told Justin that Andre saved her from herself? Justin knows Abby would never hurt her best friend. “Abigail” closes her eyes and holds her head as Justin repeatedly calls her name. Chad calls out to Abby too. Once “Abigail” composes herself, she admits that she does blame herself for Andre’s death – she should’ve done something to help him – and again insists that Gabi confessed. When the judge calls a recess, Chad holds Gabi back as she demands answers from Abby. Trask joins Stefan and accuses him of still being hung up on Abigail. Stefan denies it but admits there is a girl. Her name is Gabby – with a ‘y’. He leaves. After “Abigail” runs out, Chad tells Gabi his wife would never do this and he plans to figure out what’s going on. Chad leaves and Gabi asks Justin to put her on the stand. Justin adamantly warns against it. The judge calls court to order and urges Justin to call his first witness. He looks at Gabi then says, “The defense rests.” Gabi hopes she doesn’t regret listening to Justin.

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Val finds Abe and Lani in the park. Abe admits Lani just filled him in on Eli being her baby’s father and the fact that Valerie knew. Lani sobs and goes over how Valerie looked at her private records and accuses her of destroying her life – as well as JJ’s. Lani rushes off with Abe calling after her. Though Val apologizes to Abe, he doesn’t want to hear it and walks away. Val catches up to him and claims she was looking out for her son. “What about my daughter?” valerie-tries-to-apologize-to-lani-abe-days-nbcAbe demands then recalls the times he caught her arguing with Lani. Val claims Lani begged her not to say anything but Abe refuses to allow her to blame his daughter. In the end, Val didn’t want Lani’s child to hate her the way Eli hated her. Val takes his hand but Abe pulls away. Val is sorry for hurting Abe, Lani and JJ but won’t apologize for wanting more for her son. Abe recalls not knowing Lani was his daughter for a long time, and understands Val trying to protect her son, but he believes she did it at the expense of hurting his daughter. Abe leaves Val in tears.

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At Salem PD, JJ insists on speaking to Eli and convinces Jenn to give them some space. Eli leads JJ into the interrogation room. JJ reflects on all the lies they’ve heard from people in this room and wonders if he’s going to lie to him. Eli wants to clear the air but JJ says it’s too late. “Now that you knocked up my fiancee.” Eli wasn’t looking to be a father. He knew how much JJ wanted the baby. “I’m sorry you don’t get to have that,” he says. There’s one thing Eli can do for JJ, be the father eli-apologizes-to-jj-days-nbcthat he planned to be for Lani and her baby. JJ hands Eli two tickets to a Cubs game – he hoped the baby would be a Cubs fan – and says, “You need to be the kind of father this baby deserves.” Lani appears outside in the station. Jenn informs that she paid JJ’s bail and that JJ and Eli are talking in the other room. She asks Lani to explain why she lied. Lani apologizes through tears. She never meant to hurt Jenn or JJ and wanted him to be the father. “I wish this would’ve all stayed a secret,” Lani sobs. Jenn talks about the lie about her brother Mike’s paternity that almost destroyed their family. The truth has a way of coming out. Lani wonders if JJ will ever forgive her. JJ appears and leaves with Jenn, as Lani calls after that she’s sorry. Eli wants to talk to Lani about their baby.

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Stefan finds “Abigail” at the DiMera mansion. She puts on his glasses and Dr. Laura states she did what she had to do in court. Stefan warns she put on too good of a show. He doesn’t think Chad believed her and recalls how she held her head. It looked as though someone was fighting her. Dr. Laura insists she’s in control – they need to protect Abigail. Suddenly, Chad appears. Dr. Laura acts like Abigail as Chad asks his wife if everything she said on the stand was true.

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