At the square, Lani tells Abe the truth about Eli being her baby daddy, not JJ. She explains the reason for her deception, including jumping to the wrong conclusion upon seeing Gabi in Episode # 13310bed with JJ, who was suicidal. Abe’s jaw drops open. Lani is stunned when Abe blames himself for making JJ feel he was a racist killer. Lani vouches for her dad who was fearful of losing his son. Abe says deep down he knew Theo didn’t want him to hurt JJ. Abe asks if anyone else knew about the baby. Lani hates to admit but it was Val, who saw her due date in her medical files and confronted her. Abe is rocked and angry.

In the interrogation room at SPD, JJ tells Jennifer that he’s not the father of Lani’s baby. He tells the story and Jennifer becomes emotional. She tries to justify Lani’s reason for lying, causing JJ to yell that she has ruined his life and to stop defending her. Jenn pays JJ’s bail.

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At Doug’s Place, Eli lets Val know that the truth is finally out about him being Lani’s baby daddy. His mother’s shocked. This must be Episode # 13310hard on JJ and Lani, too. Still, she thinks it’s what’s best for everyone. Eli asks, “Even Gabi?” He fills Val in on how it came out at the trial. Eli regrets lying to Gabi. Val knows he tried to tell her. He says Gabi won’t see him. Val is sorry but talks up his impending fatherhood.

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Chad rushes to Gabi in the courthouse. They embrace and he tells her Abby is on the way. It’s killing her that she has to testify for the prosecution. Chad admits he may have seen the woman from the security video from behind in Hong Kong and vows to get Gabi justice. They discuss the truth about Lani’s baby as Justin arrives. Gabi learns that Rafe is following a lead with someone who may have seen her driving around the night of the murder.

Abigail arrives home and tells Stefan that they need to talk. Episode # 13310He inquires which personality he’s speaking with. She challenges him – who does he want her to be? She slips on his glasses. It’s Dr. Laura, who is not happy that he’s trying to bed Gabigail. Stefan tried to slow things down. Dr. Laura has locked Gabby away. She shares that the murder triggered the split in the first place and asks him to back off. He wants to apologize to Gabigail but Dr. Laura refuses. She’s going on the stand today because she can’t trust the others. She hands him his glasses and leaves.

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“Abigail” (Dr. Laura) rushes into the courthouse and hugs Gabi. When Stefan strolls in, Chad finds it difficult not to punch him for planting drugs on him in Hong Kong. “Abigail” and Justin intervene. DA Melinda Trask appears and Judge Sims arrives. The trial resumes and “Abigail” takes the stand and tells the court Gabi is her best friend. Trask admits evidence and requests she read it. Episode # 13310Since Dr. Laura wears glasses, she borrows Trask’s and reads about how Gabi swore to kill Andre for this. Dr. Laura tries to make light of it by saying people say things in the heat of the moment. Trask grills her. How does she know? Can she get into Gabi’s mind? She asks, “Are you Gabi Hernandez?” Dr. Laura says no and appears flustered. They take a break and Chad goes to take a call from Hope in the hall while Stefan asks why Dr. Laura didn’t go for the jugular. She didn’t want anyone to figure out who she really is. Chad returns. Recess is over and Trask brings Stefan to the stand. Stefan swears on a bible to tell the truth but lies about the reason for the gap in the missing 58 minutes on the security recording. Justin cross examines him, finding it coincidental that the cameras were shut down during that specific hour. Justin asks what Andre thought of him. Stefan claims he has no clue. Justin comments on Andre’s cell phone found in his possession. They recess again and the gals head to the restroom. When they return, they recall Abigail to the stand. Dr. Laura is asked what she and Gabi talked about just now in the restroom. Dr. Laura says Gabi thanked her for being there, and apologizes to Gabi but says Gabi felt guilty. Gabi shakes her head as who appears to be Gabigail, says that Gabi admitted to feeling guilty for murdering Andre. Chad’s eyes widen.

Val finds Abe and Lani at the square…

JJ and Jenn run into Eli on their way out of SPD…

On the next Days of our Lives:

Lani has words with Val.

Gabi’s angry with “Abigail” over her testimony.

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