At Doug’s Place, a man walks up to Chloe and Lucas and admits he’s the one who sent the flowers. He introduces himself as Miguel Garcia, (played by Phillip Anthony-Rodriguez), and Lucas becomesEpisode # 13308 immediately jealous. Chloe thanks him for the flowers. She’s flattered but sending flowers to a woman you don’t know is a bit creepy. Miguel says they’re from his boss who attended her show in Vienna. He sent flowers and in the card, invited her to dinner but she didn’t respond. Chloe apologizes but a lot of arrangements were delivered. She must have overlooked that one. Miguel asks Chloe to consider dinner this week and Lucas shuts the guy down. Chloe speaks for herself and admits she and Lucas are dating. Miguel says his boss would also like her to star in an Opera in Mexico. He hands over his card and goes. At their table, Brady and Eve argue about working together at Basic Black. Eve starts waving around her steak knife and tells him he cut her heart Episode # 13309out and turnabout’s fair play. He tells her his heart belongs to a friend of his. She agrees not to cut his heart out and pulls out an agreement which puts her solely in charge of the contest without him. She hands him a check in addition. Brady talks about how much Tate misses her. He refuses to give up on her and tears the check up. He thinks she’s pushing him away to hide her feelings for him.

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At the loft, Claire tells Ciara and Tripp that The Face of Bella contest just went live. Ciara looks at the other girls and comments on how pretty they are. It’ll be some competition. Claire gloats that they’ve got nothing on her beauty. Tripp agrees there are a lot of good looking girls in the contest. Claire plans on voting for herself, which irks Ciara, so she decides to vote for herself too. When it’s Tripp’s turn to vote, he refuses. Claire runs to call Theo to vote and Ciara is hurt, thinking Tripp wants to vote for Claire. Tripp says they’re not in competition. They’re both unique women and calls outer beauty objectification.

John finds Marlena at the hospital on her tablet. She hides it when he walks up and he asks Episode # 13309what she’s hiding. She admits she’s looking at trials that might help Steve regain his sight. She’s found nothing yet. John’s thankful she looked into it.

At the Brady’s pub, Kayla tries to get Steve to play darts with her. He declines and quietly tells her he can’t. “I can’t. I can’t see you. I can’t see anything,” he says. He was seeing images and flashes of light but it’s all gone. Kay promises they’ll get through this. Steve admits this is hard on him. He holds on to her hand and tells her he loves her and Kay calls him the bravest man she knows. Kayla takes his elbow and they head to the hospital to get him examined.

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Kayla and Steve arrive at the hospital and John offers to look after Steve while she and Marlena find the specialist. John brings Steve into an examination room and Steve says he’s not sure what kind of detective he will be now. He wants John to buy him out at Black Patch so he can take the money and live off it. He doesn’t want to be a burden to Kayla. John doesn’tEpisode # 13309 want this. Out by the hub, Kayla cries on Marlena’s shoulder. Seeing Steve so vulnerable is breaking her heart. The women head into the examination room and John offers their services any time of day or night. He and Marlena leave the room and John fills Doc in on Steve wanting out of Black Patch. They agree he shouldn’t. Later, Dr. Cole has left the examination room and Steve tells his wife it’s time to accept that he’s now blind. When Steve asks, Kay hands him a cane and sunglasses. Kayla says he has to give up the patch. Steve considers that. He recalls how angry he was when he first lost his eye. He felt like a freak wearing the patch but he got used to the leather custom made one, which made him feel like a “badass.” He goes to remove it and cries that he can’t. Kay removes it for him and puts on sunglasses. “Now I really can’t see anything,” he jokes. They laugh and cry. She finds him handsome. They kiss and Steve cries. Kayla returns to John and Marlena and then Steve follows, using his cane. Marlena and John are crushed.

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