At the DiMera mansion, Kate wonders what “that bitch” is up to now. Vivian wanders in and wonders if that’s any way to talk about Abigail. Lucas appears and Vivian snaps, “If it isn’t Mr. 12-step take two. I hope you’re still on the wagon.” Lucas laughs her off and when she’s gone, he and Kate gripe that she’s still living there. Lucas admits he’s there for a job with Countess Wilhelmina. Kate assumes this means he Episode # 13308dumped Chloe but Lucas denies that. Kate’s exasperated. She assumes Chloe will only hurt him and speculates if she was with a man in Vienna. Lucas rolls his eyes and tries to shut his mother up. He asks if Kate will hire Will. She says she will if he’s really interested in the company. Lucas is satisfied and goes. To herself, Kate worries, knowing trouble follows Chloe everywhere.

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At Doug’s Place, Chloe receives a bouquet of flowers. Grinning, she thinks they’re from Lucas. Behind her, some man stares.

From the Kiriakis mansion, Brady texts Eve that he’s looking forward to their meeting today. Annoyed, Eve ignores him while she walks through the square. Sonny enters and the men discuss the Face of Bella contest and Sonny becomes antagonized when Brady talks about winning Eve back. They argue until things get heated and Adrienne comes between them. Brady leaves and Sonny talks to his mom about Will moving on with Paul. Adrienne’s upset to hear it but Sonny tells her he went on a date last night. Adrienne is happy to hear.Episode # 13308

Paul and Will wake up together in Will’s bed at the Martin House. They kiss. Will admits he’s taking Paul’s advice and going to talk to Adrienne about a job today.

Vivian meets Leo at the park. She asks how his date with Sonny went. Episode # 13308He’s uncomfortable but thinks Sonny really likes him. Vivian thinks the sooner Leo takes Sonny to bed, the sooner she can execute her plan. Leo says Sonny’s been through a lot and it’ll take time. Leo’s really attracted to him but needs to make a connection before sex. Leo’s a little weirded out by Vivian’s pressure for him to get in Sonny’s pants.

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Eve arrives at Doug’s Place to see Chloe. She wants to hear all about her time in Vienna. Chloe gives positive reviews, calling it a dream. Eve asks about the flowers. Chloe assumes they’re from Lucas since they’re dating Episode # 13308now, but the card wasn’t signed. Eve’s surprised they’re dating again since they’ve been at odds a while. Chloe explains helping him with his addiction and assures her friend they’re taking it slow. Chloe wants to know what’s going on between her and Brady. Eve confides that everything Chloe said would happen did. “It was one big fat lie.” Chloe’s sorry. Eve vows Brady will never win her back, and then looks at the door where Brady’s standing. Eve and Brady go to their own table while Lucas arrives. When Chloe thanks him for the flowers, Lucas says he never sent them. They mysterious man watches the exchange. At their table, Brady and Eve get to work. While they talk, Eve fantasizes about kissing Brady. It pisses her off so she puts an end to their working relationship.

Will arrives at the Kiriakis estate. Sonny’s surprised to see him. Episode # 13308Sonny apologizes for saying that he hoped Will didn’t cheat on Paul the way he cheated on him. Will accepts. Both want the other to be happy. Sonny goes and Will finds Adrienne and asks to apply for the job as Beat Reporter. Adrienne doesn’t look thrilled. It’s awkward. Will apologizes. Maybe this was a mistake. Adrienne admits she thought he and Sonny would get back together but Will says he has to play the hand he was dealt. Adrienne understands he can’t fake feelings that aren’t there. She gives him the job then runs to take a call while Will smiles as he looks at a photo of him, Sonny and Arianna.

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Paul arrives at the DiMera mansion. Kate wants him to find dirt on Vivian so she can “bring her to her knees.” Paul agrees to help. Kate is happy to learn he and Will are dating.

Leo runs into Sonny, on purpose, at the square and they go off for coffee while Vivian looks on. The men bond some and agree to go out tonight.

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There’s a major setback for Steve.

Eve doesn’t want to work with Brady.

Tripp and Ciara argue.

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