Paul and Will talk about playing basketball outside Doug’s Place. They head in and Will becomes embarrassed that he can’t pay the bill after they dine. Paul suggests he apply at The Spectator. Will’s not sure Sonny’s mother would hire him. Paul says his aunt Jennifer is also co-owner. Will grins but is unsure. Paul reassures that he’ll be fine.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny texts “Leo” about their date, later. He’s looking forward to it. Maggie appears. They discuss Gabi’s trial. Maggie’s surprised he’s not there now. Sonny got called into a meeting. Maggie warns him not to work too hard and to take time for himself. Sonny admits he’s about to go on a date. He shows her Leo’s photo. She finds him attractive but worries he’s not being catfished. Sonny admits this is hard for him but he has to move on. He goes and Victor appears. Maggie tells him this is the first time they’ve been alone since she moved in. Victor tells her about Vivian’s recent visit and how she tried to seduce him. Maggie laughs. Victor cringes. He has PTSD from seeing Vivian nude under the fur coat. He tells her about Vivi’s idea to merge companies. When he refused, she threatened to ruin Titan. Maggie doesn’t think they should underestimate her.

Episode # 13307At the DiMera mansion, Vivian texts Sonny back as Leo. When Leo, (played by Greg Rikaart), arrives, Vivian calls him more handsome than his photo. She wishes he was her date. Leo will do anything for the right price. He asks what she has against this guy. Vivian doesn’t say. Leo’s excited to date a hot, rich guy. Vivi pays Leo and he tells her he’ll be in touch. Meanwhile, Kate steps out of the shadows and wants to know what Vivian is up to. Vivian snaps that she doesn’t have to explain anything. Kate saw her pay off the escort. Vivian claims he gave her a massage. Kate’s grossed out. They start hurling insults at one another.

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In Hong Kong, Shawn tells Chad that he searched for the brunetteEpisode # 13307 at the hotel but didn’t find her. Belle walks in and tells him he’s in it deep. Belle goes. Chad paces, worried. Belle returns. He’s out. He wants to go after Stefan but Belle assumes Stefan paid the hotel security to set him up. She recommends he go home now. Chad can’t stay away. He rushes back to the hotel while Belle and Shawn discuss his mother’s marital issues.

At the hotel, Gabigail listens to Chad’s message about being incarcerated and has a migraine. She turns into Abigail. She’s confused and stammers when Stefan walks in and notices her confusion. He asks, “Abigail?” She says, “Yes, who else would I be?” She asks Episode # 13307where they are and he explains they’re in Hong Kong on a business trip. She can’t recall. The last thing she remembers is seeing Kayla about her bad headaches. Stefan lies that the tests came back fine. “You’re fine,” he insists. Abigail doesn’t understand how he knows. She asks what he did to her and cries. When she moves to call someone, she sees herself in the mirror and asks why she’s wearing the wig and clothes that aren’t hers. Stefan lies that she was brainstorming for Gabi Chic. She goes to call Chad but has a migraine. Dr. Laura makes an appearance. She reminds Stefan that her alters are there to protect her. Dr. Laura tells him he’s in over his head with Gabby and it needs to end. Dr. Laura’s taking Abigail home where she can litigate the damage he’s done.

Sonny and Leo meet outside Doug’s Place. Sonny’s glad Leo’s as handsome as his photo. Inside, Will looks at The Spectator’s website and learns they’re looking for a reporter. In walks Sonny and Leo and things become awkward. Introductions are made and when Sonny and Leo take their seat, Sonny mentions he was engaged to Episode # 13307Paul and married to Will. Leo is surprised but calls their loss his gain. Paul and Will leave and shortly thereafter, Leo asks Sonny out again for another date. Once he agrees and leaves, Leo calls Vivian with an update while Kate watches.

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Will and Paul walk to the park. They discuss seeing Sonny and Paul admits he’s relieved Sonny’s dating. It alleviates his guilt that they’re dating. The men kiss and Paul suggests they go back to Will’s. Will grins and they run off.Episode # 13307

Chad returns to the hotel in Hong Kong. Dr. Laura has packed and is downstairs. She removes her glasses when she sees Chad and tells him she’s going home – with him. He wants to stay to find the woman in the wig. Dr. Laura looks guilty.

Back at Martin House, Will and Paul make love.

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