ciara-claire-fight-over-bella-days-nbcAt the loft, Claire laughs at Ciara’s photographs and then boasts about using a professional photographer in Eric. She thinks it gives her an edge to become the new Face of Bella. She goes and Tripp accuses Ciara of lying to him about what the photos were really for. Revenge is an odious reason for entering this contest. Ciara apologizes. That’s how it started but now she wants this.

At the Kiriakis house, Maggie offers to take Brady to an AA meeting but he declines. Maybe tomorrow. She’s happy with that. Brady has to keep his wits about him if he’s to fight for Eve. Maggie thinks he’ll find a way to get her to give him a second chance. She goes and Claire arrives. Brady takes her photos and then smiles when he realizes that he can get closer to Eve by working with her on the magazine. He loves the photos and thinks Eric did a good job. Claire mentions Eve telling her how happy Brady makes her. Brady’s thrilled to hear. He’ll give Eve the photos today. Claire goes and Maggie returns. They discuss how much he loves Eve and Maggie is certain that he’ll get her back. They hug and he takes off.

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Eric takes Eve’s order at the Brady’s pub. He’s sorry about her break-up with his brother. He gets her some of Caroline’s clam chowdah and she invites him to sit with her a spell. She apologizes for how she treated him and Jenn. Eric wonders if Brady is truly is in love with Eve. Eve frowns. Work is her focus now.

In Kayla’s office, Jennifer is surprised that Abigail hasn’t responded to her text. Gabigail walks in and flashes to Gabigail getting Jenn’s message and Stefan telling her to return to the hospital and feign being Abigail. Jenn apologizes for looking through Abby’s file, and Gabby says it’s fine. Confused about what the tests are for, she asks if one is for mental illness. They find that curious. She just doesn’t want to be sent away again. Jenn hugs her. Abigail leaves the room and Kayla asks for Abby’s insurance card so Jenn goes to Abby’s purse and finds Kayla’s glasses. When Gabigail returns, Jenn shows her the glasses which were found in her purse. Gabby lies that she couldn’t find something in her purse so she dumped it on Kay’s desk and must have taken the glasses by mistake. Kayla and Jenn laugh, and understand. Gabby asks them to keep the tests from Chad for now and then rushes off, leaving the women confused.

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Chad tries to open Stefan’s locked door at the DiMera household. Stefan opens it moments later with his shirt unbuttoned and Lani relays that she has evidence that puts him at the scene of Andre’s murder. Episode # 13300They agree to meet him downstairs. In the great room, Lani muses that she should have gotten a warrant. He is probably hiding evidence now. Stefan appears and Chad explains he found Andre’s cell phone in his desk drawer. “Needed a stapler,” Chad says, looking self satisfied. Stefan narrows his eyes. His desk is kept locked. Chad recalls breaking into it and says, “Apparently not.” Stefan remembers deleting a message he left for Andre and lies that security gave it back to him yesterday. Lani and Chad head to the foyer. Lani tells Chad the lab will learn if the phone was tampered with. She goes and Chad returns to Stefan who warns him not to push his luck. Gabigail walks in and Stefan tells her she’s going on a business trip with him.

Eve arrives at the loft looking for Claire but Ciara says she’s gone. Eve sees Ciara’s photos and thinks Ciara should enter the Face of Bella contest. Ciara wants to so Eve takes the photos and goes. Tripp is rooting for Ciara. He admits he finds her beautiful. When he leaves, she fondly remembers going motorcycle riding with him. Claire returns and they hope the best woman will win the contest.

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In the park, Eve calls someone and tells them to pack up Brady’s things and put them outside like the trash. She flashes to the wonderful times she and Brady shared. Brady walks up with Claire’s photos. Eve’s annoyed to see him.

Back at the pub, Jenn and Eric discuss Eve and Brady’s issues and agree to a date, later. Jenn opens up about something being off with Abigail.

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Chad and Stefan argue over Abigail.

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