Chad is angered to find Andre’s cell phone in Stefan’s desk at DiMera Enterprises. Kate enters the room and he shows her. While Kate wants to get the cops in on this, Chad wants to talk to Stefan face-to-face. Kate worries they’ll brawl and then Stefan will use it against him with Mr. Shin and the rest of the board.Episode # 13299

Kayla returns to her office to find Abigail gone, no note, and her glasses missing. Jennifer pops in and Kay asks if she’s seen Abigail. Jenn hasn’t. She’s there to check on Steve but wonders if there’s a problem with Abigail. Kayla can’t discuss it and when she leaves the room momentarily, Jenn reads Abby’s file. Kayla returns and catches Jenn in the act. Jenn worries Gabi has a brain tumor but Kayla says it’s probably stress. They both ponder over why Abigail left without saying goodbye and Jenn calls her.

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Stefan finds Gabby’s wig in the tunnels. When “Dr. Laura” arrives, she notices and is not happy that he’s been snooping. He asks her to let Gabby come out but she won’t. He’s interfering and making matters worse. He suggests he call Salem PD and tell Detective Price who really killed Andre. “Laurabby” says that’ll only complicate things. It’s bad enough he has weakened Episode # 13299her influence over Gabby. She’s become too difficult to control since learning she’s not a real person. When push comes to shove, she takes the wig and they head to his room where she changes to Gabigail, who is pissed to see him since he hurt her. Stefan apologizes but it’s too late. Dr. Laura told her she’s a “Gabi Hernandez wannabe.” Gabby’s angry that Abigail “brained the guy” and left the mess for her. She thought she killed Andre. Stefan says that’s a bright spot. She’s not a killer. Gabby bitches that she’s just a coping mechanism and tells him she’s leaving Salem. Stefan can’t let her do that. He grabs her and says if she leaves, it’ll create total chaos. When Dr. Laura gains control, she’ll shove her into the dark again. She sees Jennifer is calling and they listen to the message about the “tests.” Gabby wonders if Abby’s trying to get rid of her.

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Lani arrives at the Brady’s pub and hears JJ telling Val to stay out of his business regarding the baby. Val insists this is her business. Abe’s also confused as to why she’s so negative about the two getting married. Val just doesn’t want them to rush into anything. She apologizes and wishes them happiness but can’t help but think about what she went through as a young mother. JJ lets her know their situation differs. Val admits this is about her own guilt and selfishness of depriving a child of getting to know his father. Abe pulls out the rattle and Lani opens it, moved. Abe and JJ go get drinks while Lani asks Val to stop interfering before JJ figures out something is wrong. Val was terrified when she heard Lani was in the hospital. Lani’s sorry she felt left out but she has to accept it. She gets a call from Chad and goes outside. He asks her to meet him at DiMera. She goes and Val leaves the men to talk. Abe gushes over becoming a grandfather.

From SPD, Eli calls Dr. Evans to get an update about Arianna so he can Episode # 13299share it with Gabi. They disconnect and Julie comes rushing in, wanting information on Gabi’s case. Eli can’t share information on an ongoing case. Julie’s sorry. She knows he must be devastated to know that the woman he loves is once again guilty. Eli defends Gabi vehemently and asks his grandma to stand behind her as he is. Julie trashes the Hernandez clan. Eli tells her to let go of Gabi killing Nick Fallon. He was the monster. Julie denies it. Eli says she and Gabi are very similar and if she can’t find it in her heart to show Gabi kindness they’re through. Julie apologizes. She regrets not being able to be close with David and will have to live with that, “All the days of my life.” Being a part of Eli’s life means everything to her. She swears to try better with GabsEpisode # 13299 and they embrace. Julie goes and Val appears and relays the conversation with Lani. Eli admits since Julie stopped by, he’s second guessing his decision to let JJ bring his child up.

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Back at DiMera, Chad thanks Kate for talking him down. He hopes Abby will find peace if they find the real killer. He shares how she’s been forgetful and exhausted. Kate had no idea. Chad worries she’ll get sick again. “I can’t have that,” he says. Lani arrives. She’ll give the phone to Trask. Chad and Kate worry since Stefan and Trask are friendly. Later, Lani and Chad arrive at Stefan’s room. They knock and when Stefan doesn’t answer, Chad lets himself in…

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