Abigail walks into Stefan’s office with a press release for Gabi Chic and sees Andre. She thought he was dead. He orders her to hand him his coffee and she moves toward Tony’s urn. He laughs. “That’s not a thermos. Common mistake. It seems everyone makes it,” he says. She hands him coffee and looks discombobulated. She confides that she thinks Stefan killed him but Andre suggests she learn how to pay attention. Abby asks who did it. Andre compliments her orange dress. She’s never seen it before and assumes it’s the one Chad told her that Gabi gave her. She asks Andre why she can’t recall. Andre considers she doesn’t want to remember. He gives her Lulu the elephant (Thomas’ plush toy) with a blood stain on the head and tells her to ask the elephant because they never forget. Abby wakes up sweating and disturbed with Chad at her side. He’s holding Lulu. She questions why he has it. He’s surprised she doesn’t recall Thomas playing with it last night in their bed. He goes downstairs. In the great room, Stefan reads Kimberly Brady’s DID book and learns about the gatekeeper that Dr. Laura was talking about. Vivian walks in and laughs that he’s still reading about his homicidal maniac. She’s shocked to hear that last night, Stefan met another personality, Dr. Laura. “What does she think, she’s her crazy grandmother?” Stefan explains Dr. Laura knows she’s an alter and she controls all the personalities. Vivi feels a migraine coming on. Stefan kicks himself over forcing Gabigail to face who she really is. Vivi asks, “Did any of these alts, Abby, Gabby and Schmabi admit to killing Andre?” Chad walks in and accuses Stefan of killing his brother. He grabs at Stefan and Abigail walks in and gets between the men. She and Chad leave and Vivian asks her son to stay away from this obsession with Abby. Stefan tries to relax his mom’s fears that Abby or one of her alts will harm him. She’s forced to admit that she caught Gabby coming from a secret passageway.

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At SPD, Gabi confronts Lani about having sex with her boyfriend. Lani apologizes and calls it a mistake. Gabi wonders if Lani gets a sick thrill from taking her boyfriends to bed since this is the second time it’s happened. Lani denies it and when asked, she also denies that Eli’s the father of her baby. Gabi agrees to keep her fling with Eli a secret though she thinks JJ deserves better than Lani.val-abe-grandfather-fever-days-nbc

At the Brady’s pub, Val hears that Hope went to Hong Kong to visit Shawn and Belle from Abe. Val feels terrible for them. Abe shares that he has grandfather-fever. He bought a silver rattle and is happy to see his family grow. Val looks overcome and is happy for him, but worried after hearing Lani was admitted overnight to the hospital.

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In the park, Eli complains to JJ that he didn’t pick up Gabi’s call when he was too busy with work. JJ comforts him before leaving. Kayla walks up. Eli asks if everything is okay with Lani but Kayla can’t discuss a patient. Eli apologizes and covers that since she’s a jj-eli-comfort-days-nbccoworker, he worries. Kay can’t say anything, not even with the father. She flashes to telling Lani that passing another man’s baby off as another’s and then a look crosses her face as she looks at Eli. She thinks Lani and the baby are lucky to have him looking over them.

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JJ finds Val and Abe at the pub and Val asks after Lani, who JJ says is fine. JJ has hired a wedding planner, which upsets Val. She wishes they’d wait to marry until after the baby is born but JJ won’t delay.

Eli finds Gabi and Lani looking intense at SPD. Lani goes and Eli shows Gabs a photo Ari colored for her. Gabi’s glad to hear Marlena told Ari that Gabi is on a business trip.

Abigail visits Kayla in her office at the hospital. She’s sorry to hear about Uncle Steve’s sight issues and then tells her aunt that there’s something wrong with her. She fights tears as she explains she’s always tired, missing blocks of time and getting bad headaches. Kayla suggests an MRI and goes to get things rolling. When she’s gone, Abby turns into Dr. Laura, steals Kayla’s glasses and ties up her hair before saying that the last thing she needs is for Abigail to figure out what’s really going on. She leaves before Kay returns.

Chad heads into Stefan’s office at DiMera and rummages through his desk until he stumbles upon Andre’s cell phone.

Lani walks in on JJ telling Val that his wedding is really none of her business.

Dr. Laura arrives home and is upset to see Stefan found her Gabby wig. He asks her to put it on so he can speak with Gabby.

On the next Days of our Lives:

JJ doesn’t like how negative Val’s behaving.

Eli has a few words for Julie about Gabi.

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