Adrienne appears at Mandalay where Steve and Kayla are chatting. Steve bellows, “Woah Bonnie. I didn’t know they let you out.” Adrienne shakes her head at her brother’s joke and then hugs him and begins to cry, knowing that he’s going blind. Justin walks up and he and Kayla leave the siblings alone and Adrienne tells her brother he’s always been her brave brother and  she needs to be there for him now. He has to let her help him. Steve’s working on it. Both have already had loses. Steve with his eye and Adrienne’s breasts. They joke that they’re quite the pair, but Adrienne’s so proud of them. But he needs to stop with the Bonnie jokes. “I really thought you were Bonnie,” he says. They laugh. Nearby, Kayla tells Justin that Steve’s being brave, though he’s terrified. Can Justin get Steve in to see Joey a furlough or a compassionate release? Justin will do what he can. They go back to the table and have dessert and reminisce about when Steve threw Justin out of the Cheatin’ Heart. Steve drops his fork and it’s awkward when Kayla offers hers. Adrienne tells them about Brady and Eve almost getting married. Justin thought they were truly in love. Talk turns to Gabi’s bail being revoked when she was discovered trying to get rid of evidence she found in Ari’s bag. Steve knows she’s been set up.

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In the foyer of the Kiriakis mansion, Brady stops Eve from leaving with a passionate kiss. She responds but then comes to her senses and yells at him to stop. Brady swears he loves her. She tells him not to turn Tate into a Kiriakis toy and stomps out in tears.Episode # 13297

Jennifer and Eric kiss at the Brady’s pub. Maggie walks up and hands Jennifer house keys. She’s moving back in with Victor. Later, Eve turns up. Jenn heard she’s enabling Brady’s alcoholism. Eve rolls her eyes. If she wanted to kill him she’d wrap her hands around his neck. Jenn assumes they’re broken up. Eve snaps that she’s quick. Jenn can tell Eve’s devastated and offers to listen. Eve has a gin and tells Jennifer the whole sordid story and then expects Jenn to tell her ‘I told ya so’. Jenn refuses and is so sorry – Brady had no right to play with her heart. Jenn wonders if Brady truly does love Eve. Jenn goes and Eve cries and orders another gin.

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Tripp arrives home after work and Ciara tries taking a selfie but can’t get the angle right. Tripp takes a few shots of her. They look at the photos and he finds them cute. They share a moment and then a kiss. Ciara’s surprised. She thought he was hung up on Claire. Tripp doesn’t want to be hung up on Claire as much as Ciara doesn’t want to be hung up on Theo. Tripp heads off to bed.

Episode # 13297Claire meets Eric in the park for headshots. She asks if Sami’s going to kill her once she hears that she spilled her secret fling with Rafe to all of Salem. Eric grins and says yes she will, but she’s a long way from Salem. Eric asks why she chose to tell the truth on Hope’s wedding day in front of everyone. Claire becomes miffed. She didn’t mean for it to come out at the wedding. Eric can see she’s torn up about this. Claire’s confused. She doesn’t think she did anything wrong and if Ciara hits back, she’ll be ready to hit her twice as hard. Eric says this wasn’t Claire’s secret to tell. He wants her to take the high road and make up with Ciara. Later, Claire’s gone and Jenn pops up. She admits she ran into Eve and feels for her.

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Maggie arrives home and catches Brady taking a drink. She yells at him and grabs the drink. Victor wanders in and Brady gripes at him for stabbing him in the back. Maggie takes full blame. She explains that she gave Victor an ultimatum. Brady wishes they’d told him in advance. He confesses he’s in love with Eve. He told her tonight but she called the wedding off and left him. Maggie asks if it can be fixed. “You’re batting a thousand,” Victor says. “You’ve never been better off.” Brady disagrees. He’d be better off if he didn’t know Victor. He realizes Victor enjoys pitting Sonny against him. Victor claims he’d have stopped this earlier if he knew Brady was in over his head. Maggie wants Brady to fight for Eve.

Claire returns to the loft and is about to call a truce when Ciara says she entered the Bella Magazine contest.

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