John stops by Martin House with one of Arianna’s toys. He and Will talk about how sad they are over Gabi and Arianna. John asks if they’re okay. “You mean after you held me at gunpoint and tied me up in the Episode # 13296mausoleum?” John never meant to hurt him. Will knows. He reels over hurting Steve. Will says that there may be a cure. Will’s proof that there is always hope.

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Steve and Kayla wander through the park. Kayla spoke with an occupational therapist about how to make arrangements for his eyesight loss. Steve may lose his eyesight, but he still has her. Kayla tears up and they kiss. Steve takes in the beauty of her face, then loses his footing and falls. John rushes up to help but Kayla yells to stay away. Steve defends his friend but John is the one who is sorry. He goes and Kay cries that she can’t cut John any slack because Steve doesn’t deserve this.Episode # 13296

At Doug’s Place, Victor shares a recording he made to Eve, telling her the truth about the plan to seduce her and take Basic Black from her. Maggie asks why he sent Brady after Eve. Victor’s not sure he can explain. Maggie doesn’t think he can help himself and doesn’t think he’ll ever change.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, a hurt and angry Eve calls off the wedding. Brady’s eyes widen in shock. Eve informs that Victor called her and told her everything. Eve tells Sonny that Victor promised Brady the Titan CEO spot if he followed through on the scheme to seduce her for Basic Black. Sonny’s anger is piqued. Brady begs Eve to give him a chance to explain. Justin, Sonny and Paul head into the foyer where Paul defends his brother. Paul thinks Brady really cares about Eve. Sonny doesn’t believe that. Their argument gets heated and personal. Inside the lounge, Brady admits to Eve that he’s in love with her. She wonders if he’d have murdered her once he married her. Brady denies that would ever happen. She knew he was playing her from the start but she wanted to believe it. Brady promises that it is real and wants a chance to fix it. He details that he was happier around her when the plan first began. He says he finds her beautiful, Episode # 13296strong and fascinating. When he saw her with his son, he saw her capacity to love. He’s sorry for hurting her. He explains that he did this because he was angry with his grandfather for passing him over. He wanted to prove himself. Eve yells that he certainly did prove he’s a selfish, deceitful, piece of garbage. Brady is hopeful they can start over but Eve glares at him. She tells him he’s already thrown it away. Brady begs but Eve says it’s not going to happen. Eve fires him. Brady says that won’t change his feelings for her. He babbles about how many women have hurt him so Eve congratulates him. For once, he’s not the one being hurt. She walks out, goes to pack and tries to leave but Brady won’t let her go.

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Paul visits Will at Martin House. They talk about Gabi and Arianna and Will invites him to stay for a beer. Paul tells him about Brady and Eve’s weddingEpisode # 13296 being called off. Paul’s shaken up and admits it reminded him of his wedding to Sonny. Paul admits Sonny was there too and it made him realize things are really over for good. In fact, Sonny asked about them and Paul says he told his ex that he and Will had gotten closer. Will grins, pleased to hear this. They share a kiss.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny and Justin wonder why Victor told Eve the truth just before the wedding. They discuss Will bonding more with Arianna. Sonny is hopeful she’ll help him gain his memory back.

Back at Martin House, Will and Paul make out and take off their shirts just as a knock comes to the door. It’s Sonny, who takes in Will and Paul’s state and looks pained. “Where’s my daughter?” he barks. Will says Marlena came to take her for the night. Sonny assumes that Will dumped her off to be with Episode # 13296Paul. Will and Paul deny this but Sonny yells that it doesn’t matter. He tells Paul that this is none of his business because they’re done. He goes. Will’s sorry Sonny saw them like that. Paul thinks they should call it a night but agrees to a date tomorrow.

Back at Doug’s Place, Justin finds Victor and explodes about his part in the scheme to get Eve to marry Brady, which is blowing up as they speak. Later, Victor convinces Maggie to go home with him.

At the pub, the bartender, (played by Alexander Trumble), asks to refresh Sonny’s drink. Sonny says no until he looks up and sees the guy is sexy. Sonny grins. He’ll have another.

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