At Casa DiMera, Stefan prepares to call a doctor while Abby flits between personalities. She regains her composure, asks him to stop, slips on her glasses and ties back her hair. “My name is Dr. Laura,” she announces, insisting she isn’t Laura Horton. She explains that she controls the transitions between Abby’s alternative personalities. She and the other personalities help maintain Abby’s sanity. Abigail has no idea that they exist. They help her compartmentalize her emotions. Laura explains that it was Abby and not Gabby that killed Andre. He doesn’t buy it and probes, but she won’t let him push her buttons. Laura insists that Abby doesn’t care about him and Gabby has just been manipulating him. She assumes he wants Abby but is settling for Gabby instead. The DiMera claims to be merely intrigued by her but she’s not buying it. He claims that he’s attracted to Gabigail’s vulnerability and even planted evidence on the real Gabi to help her. Laura says that’s not working out and now she has to have a serious talk with Abby. Stefan offers to do that for her. She’s done with talking to him and exits. Meanwhile, Chad wanders into his living room and gets a message from Gabi saying that Stefan planted evidence on her.

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Lani catches Gabi trying to get rid of evidence-DOOL-JJGabi goes into an alley and scrubs off the evidence that was planted on her. Before she can dump it, Lani catches her and orders her to drop it. The cop recognizes it as the coat Andre’s killer wore. Gabi insists she’s being set up and asks her to look the other way. She reminds Lani that she slept with her boyfriend, so she owes her. Chad calls but Lani won’t let her answer. She insists on taking Gabi in.

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Justin congratulates Brady on his wedding plans-DOOL-JJBrady and Justin are in the square. The lawyer wonders why he’s in a rush to get married. Brady doesn’t see the point of waiting. He talks about how great Eve is with Tate and how swell things are in their relationship. He loves her. Justin gets a text from Chad and has to head to the police station. Once he’s gone, Paul runs over to hear the good news. Though Paul is skeptical about the sudden wedding, he’s happy for him. Brady invites him to the ceremony.

Eli meets JJ in the pub and they chat about Gabi and Lani. JJ explains that there was a bit of a scare with the baby. Eli asks some questions about that to the point that JJ notices he’s being pretty protective of the baby. Lani joins them, explaining that Gabi has just been arrested. Eli runs out and JJ decides he should visit Gabi too. Lani talks him out of that. JJ tells her how worried Eli was about her pregnancy and then goes on about how eager he is to be a father. That means a lot to her.

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Chad visits Gabi at the police station-DOOL-JJAt the Salem PD, D.A. Trask is thrilled to see the evidence Lani has collected and gives her the day off before making some jabs at Gabi until Justin arrives with Chad. Kiriakis and Trask go off to see a judge. Gabi tells Chad what’s happened, and he points out she’s made things worse by trying to destroy evidence. Eli arrives and isolates Gabi in a room. They bicker about him not answering her calls. He promises to help her through this. Justin returns and explains her bail has been revoked. The lawyer promises to do all he can to get her out. After he leaves, Gabi tells Eli that Stefan must be responsible for framing her and worries about her daughter.

At the mansion, Eve and Sonny discuss Victor and Maggie’s marital woes. He’s surprised to see Eve tidying up the place. She’s setting the stage for the wedding. He didn’t see that coming. She’s taking a leap of faith, but he worries it could be a leap into the abyss and Brady is conning her. Eve thinks Sonny is just a miserable loser in love. Brady and Paul arrive with the marriage license and Eve rushes out to greet them. Taking a moment alone with his fiancée, Brady gives her a ring and tells her how beautiful she is. Eve’s in tears and tells him she loves him before rushing up to get ready. Meanwhile, Sonny and Paul awkwardly discuss the wedding and their own marital mishaps. Paul admits that he and Will have been bonding but he didn’t want things to pan out this way. Brady and Justin join them. Eve comes down in her gown. Brady’s impressed and the ceremony kicks off. The vow exchange begins. Brady earnestly repeats his vows, but when it’s Eve’s turn, she says, “I wouldn’t marry you if you were the last man on earth.”

Abby goes into the great room of Casa DiMera and lets down her hair to change her personality. This is disorienting. Chad arrives and notices she’s out of it.

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