Stefan-confronts-Gabigail-Days-NBC In Stefan’s room at the mansion, he tells Gabigail that he’s taken care of framing someone else, Gabi Hernandez. She blows up because that is her, but Stefan tells her that she is an alter of Abigail’s. Gabigail refuses to believe that, so he shows her a photo of Gabi on his tablet and points out she is Latin with dark eyes. He forces Gabigail to look at herself in the mirror and see she has blue eyes and light skin. She still refuses to believe it, so he rips her wig off. Gabigail looks at her blond hair and begins to scream in pain as she grabs her head. Stefan goes to call for a doctor, but she composes herself and tells him there is no need. He asks if she is Abigail.

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Will-comforts-Gabi-Days-NBC In Horton Square, Gabi opens her bag to look for a scarf for Ari, only to find the urn lid and coat that Stefan planted on her. Will arrives to spend time with Ari, and gives her a dollar which she rushes off to spend at a toy kiosk. Gabi asks if he can watch Ari while she runs some errands. He agrees.

At Doug’s Place, Victor talks to Brady on the phone and asks if he’s married Eve yet. Brady was set to go to Vegas to say, “I do,” but Tate fell sick. Later, Victor surprises Maggie with a rose and an apology. He misses her and wants her to come home. Maggie loves him too but can’t come home until Eve knows the truth about what Brady is doing to her. Victor offers to let Eve keep the company, but Maggie wants him to tell Eve the truth and fix things. If he can’t then they are through.

At the hospital, Lani listens to a message from Eli, who explains he told Gabi about the affair, but not that the baby is his. JJ walks in and offers to take her home, but she wants to get back to work. JJ leaves to take care of her release paperwork, and Lani deletes Eli’s message.

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At the PCPD, Melinda Trask scolds Eli for chasing pointless leads and not focusing on finding evidence against Gabi. Melinda is determined to get the coat shown in the surveillance video and the urn lid, which will seal the case.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Eve look after a sick Tate. Brady gushes about the fun they had last night. Eve talks about how she longs to find love again. Brady kisses her and tells her that he loves her. She thinks that is his hangover talking, but he means it and understands if she doesn’t feel the same way. She pulls him into a kiss and admits she loves him too. Brady suggests they get married right away. She calls him crazy but agrees.

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Lani returns to work and speaks with Eli. He apologizes for coming clean to Gabi but couldn’t keep living with the lie. However, he did lie to her about the baby. She worries Gabi will tell JJ the truth, so Eli suggests Lani tell him before Gabi does. He notices the hospital band still on her wrist and asks if something is wrong with his baby.

Gabi heads to the park and calls Chad for help. She leaves a message crying that Stefan planted evidence on her, and she can’t go back to prison.

Will and Ari run into JJ at the Brady Pub. Will and JJ talk about kids and the effect they have on them as parents. JJ hopes his kid will be smarter than him and not repeat his mistakes, but now feels he’s getting things right in having a child with the woman he loves. Will admits he hasn’t got the family part right yet.

Gabi heads to the PCPD and overhears Trask on the phone gloating she can send Gabi to prison for life if she can get the coat and urn. In the conference room, Eli demands Lani tell him what is wrong with the baby. She explains she was having some pain but has been cleared. Melinda walks in saying she just got a tip about the Andre murder and wants Lani to look into it.

Gabi returns to the park and makes a call to Eli. She leaves a message, and asks him to call her back.

Back at the station, Eli returns Gabi’s call and instructs her to call him back as soon as she gets his message.

In an alleyway, Lani catches Gabi throwing away the coat and urn lid in a dumpster.

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