Abigail and Chad wake up at the DiMera mansion. Abby mumbles that she didn’t have any bad dreams last night. They kiss and snuggle and then Chad wants to shower together but Abs has to find something new to wear for her meeting today. Chad reminds her she has the new samples from Gabi Chic. Abigail’s confused. Down in the lounge, Stefan tells someone on a call to “get it done soon.” He disconnects when Kate walks in. She assumes he was scheming and accuses him of murdering Andre and covering it up with his mother. He thinks Kate could have done it. Chad appears and Stefan asks for Kate’s alibi the night Andre was murdered. She stares at him, smugly and Chad says the real killer will be brought to justice soon. Abigail walks in and is disturbed to hear that Stefan is pinning the murder on everyone else. Stefan and Kate leave the room and Abigail questions Chad about the new Gabi Chic samples. He reminds her of the conversation but she’s still puzzled. They high five and Chad goes, while Abby tries to remember. She has a headache and then becomes Gabigail. She saunters to the wardrobe and later visits Stefan in his room in a sexy red dress.

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gabi-talks-to-ari-days-hwAt the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny and Gabi talk about Arianna’s fever going down. Before they go get the kid, Gabi reveals that Eli cheated on her. Sonny thinks it takes guts for Eli to admit it. He’s surprised to learn it was with Lani and that it happened on Christmas Eve when Gabi was caring for a suicidal JJ. Gabi summarizes the rest and says she’s not sure what she’s going to do about it. Sonny recalls when Will cheated. In hindsight, he wishes he would have forgiven him sooner, especially now that divorce papers were filed. Gabi’s sorry. She wishes she could put it behind her but Lani hasn’t told JJ. Sonny asks if Eli’s the father of Lani’s baby. Gabi says Eli denies it. Later, Arianna appears and feels better.

At the SPD, Eli tries to talk up Rafe to Hope but she doesn’t want to hear it. He goes off to take a call while Rafe appears. He wants to talk but she snubs him. He goes into the interrogation room to work but plays with his wedding band again. Eli walks in and Rafe suggests he tell Gabi the truth about cheating before someone else does. Eli confides he already did. He provides details and says Gabi’s taking time ciara-lashes-out-at-claire-days-hwto think. Eli loves Gabi and doesn’t want to lose her.


Ciara walks into the loft and sees Claire icing her chin where Ciara punched her. Ciara apologizes. She’s embarrassed for losing control. Claire thinks she should be. They argue over whether or not Rafe is a creep. Ciara explains that Rafe and Hope were broken up when it happened. Once Claire is in her room, Tripp appears, shirtless. He puts on a shirt while Ciara admits she feels bad for hitting Claire, though she thinks her aunt deserved it. Ciara plans on holding on to this grudge forever. Tripp understands. He used to be obsessed with making Kayla pay when he thought she killed his mother. He had nobody to tripp-talks-to-ciara-about-revenge-days-hwtalk with back then but Ciara has him now. She’s surprised, since Claire’s his crush. Tripp says she’s not anymore. He doesn’t have one. Does she? Ciara doesn’t but she’s glad that he has her back. She cares about him. He admits he cares about her too, then he starts to move toward her when she says she has to go.

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Claire visits Hope at SPD. She apologizes for ruining the wedding. She planned on telling her in private but things happened so fast. Hope understands. Claire hates herself. Hope says she did the right thing, as hard as it was for her to hear. Claire’s relieved. They embrace until Ciara walks in. Claire goes and Hope explains why she’s not angry with Claire. Ciara wants to explain what happened between her and Rafe. Hope asks why she didn’t tell her the truth. Ciara says they were fighting at the time and part of her worried she wanted to spill because she was angry with her. Ciara apologizes for being a spoiled brat. Hope was being protective. Ciara claims she was doing the same thing. She goes and Hope calls Rafe into her office to tell him she’s going to Hong Kong and isn’t sure when she’ll be back.

Claire returns home and tells Tripp about her visit with her grandma. Tripp’s glad Hope’s not angry but he isn’t sure her reasons for telling Hope were pure.

At the square, Gabi goes to find a scarf for Arianna when she comes across her Gabi Chic coat that “Gabby” has been wearing.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Stefan confronts Gabigail about who she really is.

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