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At the pub, Eve waits while Brady privately calls Victor to confirm that the jet is fueled and ready. He says they’re one step closer to getting what’s rightfully theirs then returns to his table. Brady and Eve discuss their relationship. Both care for each other which is why Eve wants him to cool it with alcohol. Brady says he’s been indulging for months and it’s not a problem.

Outside Doug’s Place, Kayla and Steve tell Jennifer and Eric that Steve may be going blind. They’re visibly disconcerted by the news but Steve wants to focus on having fun dancing at Hope and Rafe’s wedding. He and Kayla reel when they hear that Rafe cheated on Hope and the wedding was cancelled.

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At the park, Rafe leaves Hope a message, begging her to call.Episode # 13292

At SPD, Hope stares at her wedding ring. Jennifer finds her and the cousins embrace. Hope says she feels foolish. Jenn blames Sami. “People get roped into her craziness,” she says. They go over the events that led up to the sex and Jenn wonders since they’d broken up if it’s really considered cheating. Hope says it’s over, but Jenn asks her to take time to think before she jumps the gun. Hope confides that they already married last night. Jennifer’s surprised. They talk some more until Hope asks to be alone.

At Martin House, Gabi digests the news that Eli cheated on her. He calls it the biggest mistake of his life. After seeing what Rafe’s secret did to Hope, Eli had to come clean. Gabi’s shocked to learn he bedded Lani, Christmas Eve. Eli thought Gabi went back to JJ and was devastated. He also wanted to comfort Lani. Afterward, Eli felt sick and ashamed and wanted to tell Gabi when she brought JJ’s gun to him the next day. The words just wouldn’t come out. Gabi can’t wrap her brain around this and then it hits her. “Is Lani having your baby?” Eli lies. “The baby is not mine.” Gabi can’t believe he had sex with the woman who JJ cheated on her with of all people. Eli cries that he loves Gabi. He’d never hurt her like this again. Gabi believes him. She isn’t saying she forgives him but she’s willing to consider working things out as long as he promises – no more secrets. Eli lies that he told her everything that there is to know. Gabi leaves and Eli leaves a message for Lani to tell her he came clean about cheating on Gabi, but that he didn’t mention the baby.

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At the square, Lani’s disturbed thinking about the look of devastation on Hope’s face after she learned what Rafe did. She hopes they can work it out. JJ knows the damage that cheating and the lies that follow can do. Lani argues that it doesn’t have to be the end, right? JJ’s not sure. Trust is difficult to get back when it’s lost. Lani doubles over in pain, suddenly. The pain dissipates. They get up to leave and Lani doubles over again and clutches her abdomen. JJ calls for an ambulance as Kayla and Steve walk up.  Episode # 13292

Rafe drops by the loft looking for Hope. She’s not there. Ciara launches into a tirade, blaming Claire for everything. Rafe says this is on him, not Claire. Ciara tells him about Claire recording her confiding in Tripp about the secret. Ciara blames herself but Rafe again blames himself and says he shouldn’t have put her in that situation. He should have told her mother the truth. He admit he and Hope are already married. Ciara’s stoked. She’s optimistic that they can work things out. Rafe goes and flashes to marrying Hope at the cabin.

At the hospital, JJ and Steve discuss Steve possibly losing his sight. Steve makes jokes that at least he gets to watch the Olympics. JJ reminds him they’re over. “Then what do I have to live for?” Steve jokes. Steve says since JJ has lost his father, he wants him to feel free to come to him whenever he needs. Kayla appears. Lani’s stabilized but they’re keeping her overnight for observation. JJ visits Lani and the baby, which he calls Jack III. Lani’s surprised. He jokes that if it’s a girl, they’ll name her Jacqueline. Lani laughs. Near the hub, Steve tells Kayla he doesn’t want to be a burden. Kayla promises he won’t be alone or a burden. They kiss.

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Eric arrives at the pub. He notices his brother drinking and offers to take him to an AA meeting. Eve has it covered. She won’t let him get behind the wheel and kill someone. Eric’s aghast. He goes and Brady says, “Good riddance,” but looks troubled. They drink and Brady suggests they go to Vegas.

Eric finds Jenn in the square. Jenn worries that Hope won’t get past this.

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