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At Doug’s Place, Julie is about to start the wedding ceremony when Hope and Rafe prepare to give a surprise announcement. Before they can tell everyone that they’re already married, Claire rushes to Hope with something to say. Ciara tells Rafe that Claire knows, so Rafe pulls Hope aside but before he can reveal the truth, Claire blurts that Rafe cheated. Gabi turns to Eli and declares that Rafe would never do that. Ciara tells the room Claire’s lying but Claire reveals to Hope that Rafe had sex with Sami. Rafe confesses it’s true and Hope slaps him across the face. Rafe apologizes and she hits him with her bouquet and stomps off. Rafe goes and Ciara yells at Claire for hurting and humiliating her mother. Claire blames Ciara and runs off with Ciara at her heels. Julie and Doug are beside themselves as Eric stops Jenn from finding Hope. Doug tells the room there will be no wedding. He apologizes for the drama. Eli apologizes to Julie and Julie asks Gabi how her brother could do this. Gabi’s so sorry. Julie says sorry doesn’t cut it from her or Rafe. She calls Gabi names and then kicks her out. doug-apologizes-wedding-fiasco-days-nbcDoug apologizes to Gabi and forces Julie into the office and Eli takes Gabi out. JJ and Lani reel over the disaster, while Jennifer tries to figure out why Rafe would cheat on Hope. She starts to blame Sami, though Eric asks her not to go there since that’s his sister but she plods on and bashes Sami for the way she treated Abigail over ‘that thing with EJ’. Eric blurts that EJ cheated on Sami with Abigail. He also thinks Sami was protecting Hope by keeping it quiet. Jennifer is astounded that he’s defending his sister. They argue some more and Jenn asks, “Are you breaking up with me?”‘ Eric says no but asks if that’s what she wants. That’s not what Jenn wants but she doesn’t know what’s happening there. Eric grins. “We’re having our first fight.” Neither wants to fight. Jennifer apologizes. After all Hope has been through, losing Bo and Aiden…Eric kisses Jenn. In the office, Julie continues to bellyache over Rafe and his “lying, cheating criminal family,” calling Rafe the worst because he fooled everyone. Julie turns on Doug, asking why he apologized to Gabi.

Doug says, “Julie?”
Julie asks, “What?”
Doug says, “Stop.”

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devastated-hope-days-nbcRafe finds Hope at the park. He wants to tell her what happened but she doesn’t want to hear it. She whispers, “You broke my heart.” She feels like a fool. She should have known. She assumes it happened in Memphis but Rafe says it was after Hope broke up with him. He saw Sami, who was a mess after what happened with Will and it “just happened.” He was hurt and thought they were through. Rafe didn’t think there was a chance for them. Hope cries that she loved him, and believed in him. Rafe apologizes. Hope remembers going to Sami’s room that day. Rafe admits he was there and Sami talked him out of revealing the truth. She didn’t want Hope to be hurt. Hope snipes at how ludicrous that sounds and realizes that this is the secret Ciara’s been keeping. Rafe admits it. “You convinced my daughter to lie for you.” Rafe says that’s not what happened. He can’t forgive himself but asks her to remember that they’ve made it through so much and they’re married. “No, eli-blurts-he-cheated-days-nbcwe are no more,” Hope says, taking off.

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At Martin House, Eli defends Rafe to Gabi and looks guilty. He asserts that if people knew the circumstances, they might see things differently. He says Rafe confided in him and lets Gabi know that Rafe and Hope were broken up at the time and this doesn’t mean he loves her any less. Eli didn’t tell Rafe to come clean and starts talking about how you know you should but you just can’t. Gabi becomes worried. Is he talking about Rafe or himself? Eli tears up and admits he cheated too.

At the loft, Ciara thinks Claire did this for attention, not love. Claire muses that she wanted to tell the truth. Ciara reminds her she recorded her and Tripp and didn’t care about telling the truth then. She hauls off and punches Claire in the ciara-war-on-claire-days-nbcface and Claire goes flying into the sofa. Tripp’s jaw drops and he rushes to her side. Ciara says the truce is over.

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At the square, Lani can’t stop thinking about Rafe. Everyone seemed to hate Rafe at the wedding. JJ doesn’t hate him. He knows what it’s like to make colossal mistakes but he’s changed and credits Lani and the baby. He only wants her for the rest of his life.

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