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At the loft, Ciara thinks she’s about to hear the song Claire’s been writing for the wedding, when she comes across her voice and Tripp’s on Claire’s phone. Claire rushes from her room and grabs the phone. She calls the recording an accident. Ciara asks how much of their conversation Claire heard and Claire recalls hearing that Rafe “cheated” on Hope. Claire doesn’t tell her and leaves for the wedding.

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Jennifer arrives at Eric’s to a shirtless Eric in a towel. She wonders if he keeps answering the door half nude on purpose. He counters that maybe she keeps showing up early on purpose. They grin at one another and he dresses.

At the square, JJ asks Lani if she should be showing yet since she became pregnant in November. Lani shrugs that it’s different for each woman, and then flashes to telling Eli that the baby is his.

Eli meets Gabi in the park before the wedding. She can tell his mom bought him his suit because it’s stylish. He laughs and admits it’s true. When she asks about her case, he says they’re doing video enhancement of the security video soon.Episode # 13290

At Doug’s Place, Doug tells Julie she’s as beautiful as the day they married. Julie admits she’s nervous officiating Hope’s big day. “Our little Princess is going to be married.” She wants it to be perfect. Doug urges his wife to speak from the heart when she begins to look online for some inspiration. They kiss and cuddle. Jenn and Eric arrive. Jenn’s apprehensive, knowing not all weddings end well. She snaps out of her somber mood and puts on a smile. Eric kisses her. They head in as does JJ and Lani, when they arrive. JJ again asks Lani to hurry up and marry him but she wants to wait.

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Hope finds Rafe dressing in the interrogation room. He’s in awe of her beauty in a white suit. They kiss and become giddy, knowing they’re to be married soon. Gabi appears. He wants to talk about her case but she refuses. It’s his big day. Gabi worries that they’re going to jinx their day because her brother saw the bride. They assure her it’s fine. Gabi’s sorry. Her mama’s flight was cancelled. She can’t be there so they’re recording it. Eli arrives. Gabi points out the lipstick on Rafe’s collar that Hope put there. The gals leave the room and Hope returns to overhear Rafe thanking Eli for keeping his secret. She questions them. Their shoulders slump and Gabi appears. She asks what’s going on. Rafe hates keeping secrets. He says he’ll come clean. “I told Eli that we are already married.” Eli and Gabi gawp and Eli recovers fast. Rafe explains to Gabi that they got hitched yesterday. Gabi’s happy for them. Hope mocks Rafe for his inability to keep secrets since he’s so honorable. Gabi and Eli leave for the second wedding.Episode # 13290

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Rafe and Hope arrive at Doug’s Place. Julie asks Eric for his advice about officiating on a wedding but Eric only says not to let anyone else steal the show. She can manage that. Doug goes to Claire. He can’t wait to hear her song and asks her to do a duet later. Ciara and Tripp arrive and overhear Julie and Claire talking about a secret. Ciara assumes she knows about Rafe’s fling with Sami. Nearby JJ fuses over Lani, asking if he can get her water. Val arrives and fawns over Eli in the suit she bought him. She notices JJ and Lani and Eli asks her not to star. Elsewhere, Jenn and Abe talk about the Episode # 13290next wedding being Lani and JJ’s. Jenn is excited that the baby will bring the Horton and Carvers back together. Meanwhile, Val goes to Lani and takes her outside where she confronts her for manipulating her son and then marrying a man who has no idea he’s bringing up another man’s baby. Lani throws Val’s past in her face. Eli appears. He reminds his mother he already decided to let JJ and Lani raise his kid. He asks her to respect that and takes Lani inside. Elsewhere, Ciara asks if Claire told her about her big secret. Julie says no, but she hopes she’ll confide in Ciara. Ciara follows Claire into the office and asks, “You know, don’t you?” In the outer room, Hope and Rafe tell Tripp they’re praying for his father. Tripp heads to the office and hears Claire admit she knows Rafe “cheated” on Hope. Abe finds Val outside. She isn’t feeling well so he suggests they go. Back in the office, Ciara tries to get Claire to keep quiet about the secret but Claire can’t do it. She rushes back to the party just as Hope is making a speech. Claire asks Hope to go somewhere private. Ciara tells Rafe, “She knows.” Hope asks what’s going on and Claire blurts, “Rafe cheated on you.” Everyone looks shaken up and Hope looks devastated.

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