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Episode # 13289In Stefan’s room, Stefan tells Gabigail he’s going to set someone else up for her, using the urn lid and Gabi’s coat. Gabigail hands the coat over reluctantly. He tells her to lie low and she leaves. Vivian arrives on Stefan’s doorstep to demand answers about Abigail. Stefan fills her in on Gabigail trying to plant evidence on him. “Oh my God, I was right,” Vivian says, “Abigail’s not only batty, she killed Andre.” Stefan tells her she has DID. They can’t do anything about this because Abby saw them standing over Andre’s body that fateful night. Stefan flashes to finding Vivian standing over him, with her hand inside her purse. She asked if he killed Andre and he denied it. She didn’t kill him. She takes her hand from her purse and pulls out a gun. Vivian suggests her son be careful with Abby. He could be her next victim. Stefan asks her to help him set someone up. Once downstairs, Gabigail changes into a second alt, rips off her wig and stops Chad from going into the secret passageway. He asks how she is. Her headache is fine. He takes in her appearance. She changed her clothes. He hugs her and she cringes. He asks where the dress came from. She claims Gabi gave it to her. Chad stammers while asking if she spoke with Gabi yet. He brings up Stefan and Vivian getting theirs and the alt calls Vivian a “hateful old bitch,” causing Chad to comment that he likes her like this. He’s never heard her speak like that. He hugs her and she struggles, grossed out. She pulls away and he asks if anything happened. The alt says not to worry she can handle “a woman like Vivian.” He kisses her and talks into her mouth about how sexy she is. She kicks her wig under a piece of furniture and squirms as he tries to take her upstairs for sex. Once he’s gone, she berates Gabby but says it’s a good thing she’s in charge now.

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At the square, Ciara reminds Tripp that today is her mom and Rafe’s wedding. He forgot because he just heard his father is going blind. Ciara’s horrified. They embrace and she urges him to stay positive. Ciara grosses out because she has to wear a dress. Tripp laughs. He can’t wait to see.

At the loft, Claire listens to the recording of Rafe “cheating” on Sami and Eve Episode # 13289turns up to ask for her headshot since they’re moving forth with a reboot of Bella Magazine. Eve hears that Hope is marrying Rafe. She thinks it’s lucky Rafe’s not like his dad. Claire pulls a face. “I don’t know,” she says. Claire only wants her grandmother’s happiness. Eve talks about taking things slow with a man for once with Brady. Claire’s glad they found each other because Brady’s been screwed over by women.

Julie practices officiating at Doug’s Place as Maggie arrives with a present. She’s not attending the wedding. Julie’s shocked. Maggie tears up and explains she wouldn’t be able to hide her sadness over her own marriage being on the rocks due to “Vintage Victor Kiriakis.” Maggie can’t talk about it. Julie tells her about Claire having a secret anguish, too. Maggie confides that Victor doesn’t value her more than Titan and she can’t go back. Julie tries to encourage her to work things out but Maggie knows Victor can’t give up control. Julie understands. Men of that generation are the same. She tells her friend to move in with her and Doug for now.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady tells Victor that Henderson says Maggie moved out. He hopes Victor didn’t drive her away. Victor doesn’t want to discuss it. Brady says he can’t do this to Eve. Victor snaps that Titan is depending on this! If he wants to run Titan, he needs to be ruthless when it’s called for. Brady asks if that’s why Maggie left, because he told her that. Victor doesn’t think this is permanent with Maggie. He encourages his grandson to marry that witch Eve, and the sooner the better. Brady leaves and Victor calls Maggie. He misses her and asks her to come home to work this out. She refuses.

Eve arrives at the pub. Brady lets her know Maggie left Victor. Eve’s thrilled he got “tired of the old goat.” Brady feels responsible. Eve tries to comfort him. He’s a good guy. Brady denies that. Eve thinks he needs to get away from Victor. Talk turns to Bella Magazine.

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Back at the loft, Tripp comes from his room shirtless, causing Ciara to stare. She can’t find a song to go with her photo collage for the wedding so grabs Claire’s personal recorder and decides to listen to Claire’s new song.

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