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jj-wants-double-wedding-days-nbcAt the pub, JJ and Lani consider registering for the baby instead of for themselves for their wedding. Impetuous, JJ wants to get married today in a double wedding with Rafe and Hope. Lani wants something small and quiet and points out that they don’t even have a license. JJ finally gets a clue. He doesn’t want to crash Rafe and Hope’s wedding. They talk about Val warning JJ not to get married too soon. He assumes she was just watching out for them.

At SPD, Eli flashes to vowing to ensure Gabi doesn’t go to jail for a crime she didn’t commit. Valerie strolls in to talk about Gabi’s trial. She just heard. They discuss how difficult it’s been and then Lani keeping the baby secret val-talks-sense-into-eli-about-lani-days-nbcfrom JJ. Val has concerns that in the future, Eli will have issues watching his child learning how to walk, talk, ride his bike – that JJ already bought. “You really want to be the spectator in your life because it seems like the easier thing to do now?” Eli hadn’t thought of that. His first thoughts right now are of Gabi and the last thing she needs to hear is that Lani’s having his baby.

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Gabi arrives at the Kiriakis mansion to pick Ari up for the wedding. Sonny says her cold is worse and she’s napping. He tells her to go to the wedding since she deserves a special night. Gabi’s tense, worried she’ll be facing prison soon. Sonny comforts her, knowing she’s innocent. They discuss the case at length and Sonny stays firm that Justin has her back. Still, Gabi knows DA Trask is gunning for her. Sonny asks her to try to have a good time tonight.

Kate and Chad discuss Stefan being Andre’s killer as they go through Andre’s documents in his office at DiMera. Kate sees so much of Stefano in his newest son. Both are concerned about what else he’s capable of. They wonder if Vivian’s the key.

At home in bed, Stefan reads from Kimberly’s DID book. “Unexpected confrontation could have dangerous confrontations,” he reads. Meanwhile, downstairs, Vivian gets a start when she sees Gabby (Gabigail) come from behind the wardrobe. She thinks it’s Abigail and asks what she’s doing and why she’s dressed in costume. Gabby insists it’s not a costume. Vivian laughs. Gabby thinks she’s trendy and sexy. Vivian asks who she’s pretending to be. “Are you kidding me? I’m Gabi. Gabi Hernandez.” Vivian asks if she’s off her meds. She picks up her phone and mutters that she should call Chad. Gabigail tells her to put it down and grabs the poker. She points it at Vivian, becoming more agitated by the moment. Upstairs, Stefan hears his mother’s cries and rushes downstairs. Stefan grabs the poker from Gabigail and Vivian says they’d better call Chad because “his wife has flown over the cuckoo’s nest again.” Stefan takes Gabigail upstairs and Vivi talks to Stefano’s portrait saying, “It’s not my fault your favorite son married a Horton with a screw loose.” She wonders what Abigail was doing behind the wardrobe and heads toward it until Chad wanders in. Upstairs, Stefan berates Gabigail for trying to hurt his mother because Gabi would never hurt “a sweet, innocent old woman.” Gabby scoffs that those adjectives don’t describe his mother. He knows. Gabigail starts talking about Gabi’s murder case as if she’s the one who will be on trial. Back downstairs, Vivianvivian-covers-with-chad-days-nbc tells Chad she thought this was his father’s old wine cellar. She asks why the panel is open. Chad has no idea. Vivian suggests they go inside but Chad closes the door. He asks why things are knocked over. Vivian claims she doesn’t know. Chad goes upstairs to find his wife. Upstairs in his room, Stefan finds the urn lid and says they need to throw suspicion elsewhere. He needs the coat so Gabigail gives it up, unhappily. She thanks him for helping her and goes. Vivian arrives and demands to know what’s going on with his friend Abigail. Back downstairs, Chad wonders what Vivian was really up to. He heads to the wardrobe. Gabigail appears and calls his name so he looks back and upon noticing the wig says, “Abby?”

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Kate meanders through the square, looking defeated. She looks at the photo of her and Andre that she took from his desk. Gabi sees her and approaches. Kate’s anxious about how Gabi’s doing. She’s trying to hang in there. She thanks Kate for being at her hearing. Kate knows Gabi’s innocent. She asks Gabi to give her best wishes to Rafe. Gabi’s sorry Kate lost Andre. Kate vows not to lose anyone else. They hug.

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