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At the DiMera mansion, Stefan reads from a book, Many Lives, One: My Recovery From Dissociative Identity Disorder by Kimberly Brady Donovan, MSW. He flashes to “Gabigail” telling him that Abigail and Gabby were two separate people.Episode # 13287 Vivian rips the book from his hand. “A little…light reading?” Meanwhile, upstairs, Abigail dreams Andre’s dying and when she asks who did this to him he croaks, “You know who it was, Abigail.” She wakes up screaming and wakes Chad up. She tells him about the dream and he in turn tells her about his visit to his brother’s room. They need to find that mystery woman. Chad thinks it’s Melinda Trask. They ponder what this could mean if it’s true. Downstairs, Kate appears. She’s going to Gabi’s preliminary hearing. Vivian laughs and wonders if this will garner bad press for DiMera as Stefan hides Kimberly’s book on DID. Kate snipes at them. Vivian heard that Andre fired “Little Miss Makeover” and Kate was angry about it. Kate says she was and gave him an ultimatum to rehire Gabi or get dumped. Vivian’s most interested. Kate retorts that there’s a killer in the house but it’s not her. Stefan looks thoughtful. The women argue, and Kate says if Vivi and Stefan teamed up and killed Andre, Chad’s next on their list and she won’t let that happen. Vivian snarks that Kate’s next on her list. Kate says if she tries anything, Kate will be after her with a vengeance. Kate goes and Chad and Abigail head out.

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Eli wakes Gabi up at Martin House. Today’s her preliminary hearing. As they dress, they discuss the woman in the security camera and how she never left. There may not be enough evidence to warrant a trial. Gabi tells him about Chad’s theory about Stefan killing Andre and using Trask to set her up.

Episode # 13286Rafe and Hope wake up outside their tent inside the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. They smooch and revel in being a married couple. They banter and talk about married life then dress and take off their rings in order to hide their marriage before they go home for Gabi’s hearing.

At Doug’s Place, Julie asks for Claire’s ideas on hairstyles for the wedding. Claire’s quiet as she slips Jordan Almonds into little satchels that they’ll be giving away as wedding favors. Julie’s so honored to officiate over Rafe and Hope’s marriage. Julie asks to hear the song she wrote for Rafe and Hope and grabs Claire’s cell phone. Claire turns ashen and refuses. She wants her grandma to hear it first. Talk turns to Gabi possibly being Andre’s murderer. Julie wishes Eli would come to his senses about Gabi. After a time, Julie notices Claire’s distant. Claire says she learned a secret and doesn’t know what to do about it. Julie offers to lend an ear but is turned down.

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Eli and Gabi see DA Trask at SPD. Melinda knows they’re dating and intends to ensure Eli’s taken off this case immediately. Eli tells her that Rafe’s marrying Hope today. Good luck in keeping all them away. Eli asks her point blank where she was the night Andre DiMera was murdered. Trask is taken aback. Gabi looks around uncomfortably. Trask snarks that she was having a work dinner with Justin Kiriakis that night. Trask goes off to court and they follow. They return later, with Hope and Rafe. Everyone is upset that this is going to trial. Eli berates himself for questioning Trask. Abigail and Chad appear and they explain what just went down. Gabi is petrified to go to prison for someone else’s crime. The woman in the footage seems to have disappeared into thin air. Abigail gets a headache and tells Chad she’s going home to lie down. It gets worse and she doubles over when he walks away.

Rafe and Hope show up at Doug’s Place. Julie learns the hearing didn’t go well Episode # 13287and wonders if Gabi will make it tonight. Rafe reassures her and she doesn’t look happy. She goes and as Rafe kisses Hope, Claire gives them the stink eye.

Chad finds Kate clearing out Andre’s office at DiMera. Kate says everything that’s happened started when Stefan came to town.

Back at the mansion, Stefan goes to his room to read more on DID. He learns that one should proceed cautiously when talking to one of the alts. Downstairs, Vivian’s sipping tea when she spots Abigail come from behind the wardrobe, dressed as “Gabby” and in a brunette wig. Vivian’s puzzled. “Abigail?”

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