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At the Horton cabin on Smith Island, Hope introduces Rafe to a Justice of the Peace, (played by John Combs), and says they’re to be married today. Rafe reminds Hope that Julie’s marrying them tomorrow, but Episode # 13286Hope wanted something more intimate. He’s happy to marry her now but worries about Julie’s wrath. They get over it and Hope hands him the rings and the Lazo. He’s overcome. They smooch and the JP tells them they’re getting ahead of themselves. They begin their vows. Hope talks about having trust issues and that Rafe was always there for her, protecting her, comforting her, risking everything for her. Rafe looks like he’s in great pain and has a confession to make. He didn’t prepare vows. He was going to write them tonight. He wants her in his life forever. He places the Lazo around her and then him, and says it signals a lifetime of love and commitment. They state their vows and grin wildly at one another, then slip a ring on each other’s third finger. The JP pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss. The JP takes off and the newlyweds drink champagne and make love.

Episode # 13286John visits Steve at the hospital and learns from Kayla that the poison damaged Steve’s vision permanently. She lashes out at John and leaves. John takes responsibility and feels such guilt. Steve reminds his friend he did what they were trained to do. Kayla returns with bad news. Steve’s going blind. The antidote can’t undo the damage to his cornea. Steve is still hopeful but Kayla reveals it’s going to get progressively worse. He’ll be completely blind eventually. Steve is beside himself with grief. John’s sorry. He goes and Kay says a specialist is looking into options for reversal. Steve promises they’ll get through this.

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Episode # 13286At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor leaves a message for Maggie, begging her to return home. Vivian lets herself in and tells him he’s better off without his “proverbial ball and chain.” Victor calls her a “proverbial pain” in his ass. Vivian suggests a merger between Titan and DiMera Industries. Victor’s aghast. He refuses, so she proposes a personal relationship. The thought makes Vic’s skin crawl and besides, he’s married. Vivian saw Maggie checking into the Salem Inn. “I could be the Lady to your Macbeth. The Hepburn to your Tracy. The Lucy to your Schroeder. I could also give you a lovely piece of heaven,” she says, opening her fur coat and revealing she’s nude. “Oh my eyes,” Victor yells, clutching at his face. She covers herself and says he’s in love with Maggie. Vivian’s hurt and then says she’d never come back to him. She wonders what he did to drive Maggie away. He tells her to march her “bony ass out of there before I drag you out by the hair.” Vivian sniffs that she and her son will go after him and Titan and won’t show any mercy. She takes off.

Episode # 13286When Chad knocks on Stefan’s door at the mansion, Gabigail wants to answer the door. Chad dumped her for Gabi. He has no right to be upset if she’s spending time with another man. Stefan forces her to hide and while she’s in the closet, Stefan answers the door. Chad comments that he heard voices. Stefan covers and the men discuss Chad’s hypothesis that Stefan killed Andre. Stefan denies it and asks him to back off. He may not like what he finds. Chad’s puzzled at that comment and brings up Stefan screwing Chad over and stealing his company. Stefan starts ripping his room apart and invites Chad to look for the murder weapon. Chad laughs. He knows his brother’s hiding something but not there. Stefan says if he doesn’t trust him, he can move out. Chad says they’ll be out in the hour, so Stefan relents and tells him he doesn’t want to uproot Thomas or Abigail. However, when he learns the truth, he’ll expect an apology. Chad goes and “Gabby” reappears. She slaps him for allowing Chad in his room. She wants the lid to Tony’s urn but he refuses to give it up so on her way out, she says she’ll “come out” when she can. She goes back to her room and falls asleep, sans wig. Chad finds her and wakes her up.

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Episode # 13286Marlena visits Claire at the loft. They snack on ice cream and Claire asks for her grandma’s confidence and then divulges, “Rafe cheated with Hope. He hooked up with Sami.” Claire doesn’t have details so she plays the recording. Marlena can see that Ciara doesn’t want to hurt her mother. Claire argues that the secret could come out anytime. Marlena asks Claire to examine her own motivation for wanting this secret to get out. Claire thinks once someone cheats, they always cheat. Marlena thinks this is about getting back at Ciara. She goes and Claire thinks there’s still time to tell her grandma.

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John sits on a bench at the park crying. Marlena finds him. He hugs her quietly.

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