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Hope and Rafe visit Ciara at the loft. They tell her their rehearsal dinner is cancelled and they want to simply celebrate with family and friends. They Episode # 13285include Tripp on the conversation. He’s still shaken up after taking someone’s life. Rafe thinks it was the right thing to do. He and Hope leave, while Claire’s recorder tapes them discussing Rafe “cheating” on Hope with Sami. Ciara decided not to rat Rafe out. They discuss how great their fathers are and head out to eat. Once gone, Claire appears and listens to the recording. Later, Tripp and Ciara return, curious to know what she’s listening to. She claims she wrote a song but doesn’t want to share it yet. They take off again and Claire listens to the rest of the recording. She hears Ciara poke fun of her singing, finding she sounds like a dying cat and then hears Rafe’s secret that he “cheated” on Hope with Sami.

In Eve’s room at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady confides to Eve that Maggie ripped him to shreds downstairs because he did something heinous to someone he cares for. He starts by letting her know that he’s been a self-pitying fool after the women in his life screwed him over. But it’s nothing compared to her losing a child. Eve agrees and tells him to focus on what he has in Tate. Brady says none of what he’s gone through justifies what he did to…Eric. He admits he is the reason Nicole left town and shares that he blackmailed Nicole out of jealousy and spite so she’d leave Salem. Eve presses for details but Brady says he’ll keep Nicole’s secret. Eve’s almost relieved. She thought Brady was going to confide he did something heinous to her. He reassures her.

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Gabi rushes into DiMera mansion, ranting about having no job, no company and she can’t stop thinking that she could go to prison. He must know something new. Chad tells her that Abby blurted out that theyEpisode # 13284 think Stefan is Andre’s murderer. Gabi’s pissed. She assumes the person who set her up has her coat, the urn lid and her ID card. She wants to snoop in Stefan’s room but Chad thinks that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Meanwhile, Gabigail wanders into Stefan’s room uninvited, while he’s undressing. Stefan says she’s sick and needs help. Gabigail tells him to stop running his mouth to “little Miss Abigail.” He’s confused. “You’re Abigail.” Gabigail corrects him. She’s “Gabby.” He realizes she really thinks she’s two separate people. Gabigail claims she was out on the terrace eavesdropping on him, Abigail and Chad’s discussion in the lounge. Stefan smirks. “Really.” She asks for the urn lid back and he refuses so she tries to seduce him. He reminds her she’s in love with someone else. “Eli didn’t put a ring on it,” she says, impertinently. She starts bashing Abigail, and Stefan defends her. She wears him down and he finally kisses her to shut her up. Back downstairs, Chad suggests they find the woman in the security footage. They agree Vivian couldn’t have passed herself off as Gabi but Chad wonders if Stefan’s new pal DA Melinda Trask impersonated her. Maybe so Stefan would bankroll her campaign. Later, Gabi leaves and Chad goes to his brother’s room.  Episode # 13285

Eric visits Roman at the pub and shares that he and Jennifer talked through their misunderstanding and they’re back on track but he and Brady are still at odds. He misses his brother. Roman asks him not to give up on his brother.

Rafe and Hope arrive at the Horton Cabin on Smith Island drenched from rain. Hope cries that the rain ruined their camping outdoors. She calls them jinxed. They kiss. Hope goes to shower and once she returns, she’s delighted to see Rafe pitched a tent in the middle of the room and set up fairy lights. They kiss and she leaves to dress. Rafe sees a man skulking outside and heads outside to grab him and bring him inside for questioning when Hope reappears and tells Rafe that the man is a Justice of the Peace, (played by John Combs), and he’s there to marry them!

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