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Episode # 13284In Billie’s hospital room, Kate paces and rants at her daughter for lying, and playing ISA Agent and landing herself in the hospital. Billie notes that she was trying to save John’s life. In walks Lucas and he tops Kate by yelling about the same things and then demands to know what the hell she has done with his son. Kate questions Lucas when Will comes strolling in. They discuss the kidnapping and Billie apologizes. Will insists he’s fine. He was with Paul. Lucas takes Will into the hall and wants to make amends, not only as part of his program but because he loves his son. Will’s puzzled. Lucas wasn’t there for his son when he was going through hell with his mother and Susan. He was busy being “a self-pitying drunk.” Lucas is grateful to move on and tears up when he tells Will he’s there for him no matter what. They hug. Back in Billie’s room, Billie refuses to help Kate get Lucas away from Chloe. Lucas returns and sees his mom’s still trying to run their lives. Episode # 13284Kate just wants a woman to respect her son. Lucas snarks to his sister that he bets she’s a little happy she’s not sticking around.

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In the park, Paul flashes to finding John checking Will’s pulse and cocking his gun at him in the mausoleum. John approaches and apologizes for what he put him through. He hated lying to him. Paul opens up about being locked up and despite himself, he’s interested in Will, though he still loves Sonny. He has to move on. John’s glad to know something good came out of this ordeal. They chuckle. Will appears. He says Billie’s going to head back to Europe after she’s released today. John goes to say goodbye to her and Will’s impressed to hear Paul and John were discussing him.

Episode # 13284Eve and Brady walk into the lounge at the Kiriakis mansion, to find Maggie and Victor in a disagreement. Maggie covers that it’s about their relationship so Brady credits Eve for being good for him and his son. Eve defends herself theatrically and checks on Tate while Victor grouches, “Now there’s a lady who has watched her stories one time too many.” Brady and Maggie tell him to quiet down and then Maggie lets Brady know that she knows about his “disgusting” plan. Upstairs, Eve asks Tate to be nice today and not call people names the way her great-granddaddy and Maggie called her today. Back downstairs, Victor tells Brady that Maggie found out the truth because she was snooping on him. Maggie claims she was searching for Valentine’s Day photos of them. She berates Brady for his mistreatment of Eve and says this is beneath him. Brady’s sorry she feels that way and once gone, Maggie insists she loves Vic but she’s had it with him. She goes to pack and returns. She’s moving out. She’s tired of him interfering with work and family and demands respect. Victor says he does respect her and begs her to stay. She claims to have given him ultimatums in the past and can’t return until he is ready to make changes. Brady heads upstairs with a confession to make…

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Episode # 13284Chad finds Abigail has slept in at the DiMera mansion. He goes downstairs. As Stefan stares at the lid of Tony’s urn and flashes at length to asking Gabigail if she killed Andre. He heads to the lounge where Chad’s drinking coffee. Stefan asks if Abigail’s feeling alright. Chad muses that she’s fine and it’s none of his business. He thinks his brother is into Abigail and reminds Stefan that she’s not interested. Stefan flashes to kissing Gabigail and tells chad he wouldn’t be so smug. Abs walks in and Chad fills her in on their talk. Abigail assures Stefan he’s literally the last man on earth she’d be interested in. Chad, satisfied, goes and Stefan tells Abs to can the performance. She’s genuinely confused. He tries to jog her memory and admits he’s worried about her. Abigail snipes at him for killing Andre but he calls that crazy. They both know she was the one on that security footage. Abigail looks shocked but Stefan goes for a run when Chad returns. Abby complains about Stefan. Chad’s upset to hear she played her card and accused him of murdering Andre. Chad leaves the room and Abigail gets a sudden pain in the head and switches into Gabigail. She goes to get her Gabby wig on and once Stefan returns, she heads into his room while he’s changing while Chad searches the house for her.

John arrives at the hospital to thank Billie for her help while Kate snaps at him for getting her daughter shot and her grandson kidnapped.

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