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Eric wakes up in bed alone and grins, thinking of kissing Jennifer. Jenn arrives with a donut. She can’t stop thinking about him. Each feels stupid jumping to crazy conclusions and losing all that time they could have had together. They take off for breakfast.

At the loft, Ciara is on a call with her mom, reassuring her that she’s fine and her mom should concentrate on planning her wedding. Claire barges in. Her flight was cancelled. Ciara considers Theo must be bummed she didn’t make it for Valentine’s Day. Ciara says her night was a disaster too. She recounts last night’s events. Claire’s astounded and then comments that it sounds like the plot of a movie where the couple falls in love. Ciara laughs that off and when Claire asks once again what the secret Ciara shares with Tripp is, Ciara tells her to let it go and meanders into her room to create a video montage for her mama’s wedding. Later, Ciara can’t concentrate when Claire begins writing a song for Hope’s wedding.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady gets off a call with Paul and relays the story about Episode # 13283John being forced to poison Steve to Victor. Victor’s glad to hear everyone is okay. They discuss scheming to get their company back from Eve. He tells his granddad that he feels nothing for “her” just as she strolls in. She asks who they’re talking about. Brady lies that it was Theresa. Talk moves to restructuring Bella Magazine until Brady takes Eve to breakfast. Maggie walks in. She read Victor’s text to Brady which reads, “Got your message. Keep up the good work. Reel the bitch in and then gut her like a fish.” Maggie asks what’s going on between him, Brady and Eve. Victor shares their plan to oust Eve from Titan and get it back. Maggie asks him to put a stop to it. “I always knew you weren’t Mickey,” she says. She married him because she thought his schemes were in the past. What he’s doing is cruel and sadistic. Maggie wants Victor to tell Eve what he’s up to. Episode # 13283Victor shakes his head. “Hrmph.”

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At the pub, John ruminates over the events leading to poisoning Steve and Pamela holding the kids hostage. Marlena tries to comfort John. He tells her she’s his rock, which was why it was so difficult not to be able to discuss this with her. He pulls out a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s a gift certificate for a vacation with him anywhere she wants to go. She’s overcome with love. He points out that she missed one more gift. It’s a pearl necklace. She gasps in awe and sits on his lap and kisses him.

Episode # 13283At the hospital, Kayla breaks down crying when Tripp appears. They discuss Pamela going after them. Kayla wishes Steve and John had never heard of the ISA. Tripp comforts Kayla. Everything is okay. Kayla thanks him and they embrace. As a nurse wheels Steve in, he takes in the display. “Now that’s the best medicine I could ever get,” he says. Kayla leaves the men alone and Tripp relays his feelings of guilt. His father almost died because of him. They hug and Steve reassures his son and asks him to let go of the past. They tell each other they love one another and Tripp cries on his dad’s shoulder. Once Tripp is gone, Kayla returns looking doleful. She tries to show him his test results are looking better but his vision is still blurry.

Jenn and Eric dine at Mandalay and make google eyes at one another until Eve and Brady show up and rain on their parade. Brady can’t bless this union, and says that if Nicole called Eric, he’d be back in her arms. Jenn doesn’t think he should talk, being that he’s with Eve of all people. Jenn is sorry that Nicole left him and started a life on her own. Brady blurts, “That’s not what happened.” He realizes what he’s said and backtracks. He didn’t believe Nicole could be with just one man. He doesn’t want to see Jenn with one of Nicole’s rejects because he likes her. He and Eve leave and Eric promises Jennifer that he’s over Nicole. They kiss.

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Tripp walks into the loft as Ciara and Claire are yelling at each other. He tellsEpisode # 13283 them to shut up. “So much for the truce.” Talk turns to what went down last night. Claire’s grateful they’re okay and Ciara rolls her eyes as Claire says she wouldn’t know what she’d do if anything happened to him. Tripp credits Ciara for helping him. Claire presses record on her cell phone and takes off to bed. Once she’s gone, Ciara and Tripp discuss the secret.

Back at the mansion, Vic asks what Maggie will do if he doesn’t tell Eve the truth. Brady and Eve interrupt.

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