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In Rafe’s bedroom, Hope wakes Rafe up, excited about the wedding. Episode # 13282She wants to watch TV but he just wants to “practice for the honeymoon.” They make love. Afterward, Rafe starts feeling guilty and flashes to Ciara deciding to keep his tryst with Sami a secret. Rafe asks if Hope’s sure she wants to go to Smith Island instead of having a fancy rehearsal party. Hope reassures him.

At the hospital, Kayla’s beside herself with worry over Steve. He starts to breathe easier and John gets a text from Billie who says she neutralized Pamela. Now John can release Paul and Will. Kayla calls Tripp.

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Paul and Will make their way through the mausoleum and outside where they find Billie has been shot, but alive. Will has seen her in photos. “I think this is my Aunt Billie. She works for the ISA.” Paul calls for an ambulance.

John and Marlena leave Steve’s room and run into Paul and Will. Episode # 13282John’s confounded to see them. They quickly explain Billie was admitted with a gunshot wound and confused, John wonders who sent him that text. He runs to find Billie while Marlena tries to explain to Will why John tried to kill his best friend. In Billie’s room, Billie tells John that Pamela did this and she’s heading to see Steve’s son. John thanks her and rushes out. He passes everyone else and tells them Van Damme’s after Tripp. John makes a call to the security at the prison. Joey’s fine. Kayla appears and Paul realizes Van Damme is after Tripp, not Joey.

Pamela Van Damme goes to the loft and greets Tripp. She tells him, “The ISA has uncovered a plot to assassinate your father,” and brings up Steve’s cover-up surrounding Ava’s real murderer. Tripp already knows about that. Van Damme says an ISA officer thinks Steve needs to pay for his betrayal to the ISA due to the cover-up. Tripp blames himself. Joey wouldn’t have confessed if Tripp wouldn’t have gone after his mom. Pamela lies that Steve has been moved to a secluded area and she’s to bring Tripp there but when Kayla calls, Pamela whips out a gun and snipes that he couldn’t leave well enough alone. Pamela threatens to kill his brother in prison, too.

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Back at the hospital, Kayla leaves a message for Tripp. Will worries for Paul’s safety when John takes Paul to the loft. Kayla decides to keep the news that Pamela’s after Joey and Tripp to herself. They trust John will take care of the situation. Marlena goes to Will, who says his new family is very dysfunctional. It’s helpful for him to talk to her. Maybe it’s because she’s in his corner. Marlena feels he’s in her corner, too. He was willing to risk his life for her. She’s glad Paul kept him safe. So is Will. Kayla goes to Steve, who asks after Tripp. Kayla covers.

Back at Rafe’s, Hope gets a call from Ciara who tells her mom that there’s “a crazy lady at the loft” holding a gun on Tripp. Hope jumps out of bed and heads over.

Back at the loft, Tripp’s angered when Pamela gives Joey credit for murdering Ava since Pam knew Ava was a problem of epic proportions. Ciara comes from her room waving a bat in the air. Pamela tells her to drop it and stand by Tripp. Things just got more complicated, she says, annoyed. Later, Paul and John storm the loft and find Rafe and Hope there alone and armed. They trade information.

Pamela holds Ciara and Tripp at gunpoint as she walks them to the park. She calls John and gives him instructions.

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John goes to the square where Pamela’s holding a gun to Ciara’s neck and Tripp’s in front, arms up. John pulls his own gun. Paul shows up and Hope and Rafe appear, guns drawn. Pam forces everyone to toss their guns on the ground and throws a syringe at John. There’s enough poison to kill three men but she only wants him to do away with Steve. Once he’s dead, she’ll release the kids. Tripp yells that he can’t let John do this. He blames himself. He elects to be the one to die. John’s forced to give the syringe to Tripp. Before he can do anything, Ciara bites Pamela and Tripp sticks her with the syringe. Pam falls dead. Hope calls for a coroner.

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