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Abby tosses and turns in bed at the DiMera mansion, dreaming about removing her bloodied hand from Tony’s urn. Gabi appears and Abby accuses her of killing Andre. Abby startles awake and quietly slips out of bed. She heads downstairs and into a secret passageway from the living room behind the wardrobe where she changes into Gabi Chic clothes and dons a black wig. She goes to Stefan’s room. Holding the lid of Tony’s urn, she looks at Gabi’s DiMera Enterprises ID card. Stefan arrives downstairs and receives a text from Melinda Trask, urging him to call when he gets over Abigail. He heads up to his room and sees a woman with black hair inside. Though he calls out to Gabi, abby-turns-into-gabigail-days jjStefan’s stunned to see Abby. “My name’s not Abigail, I’m Gabi,” she replies. Stefan’s confused by her behavior and accuses Abby of dressing like Gabi to frame her for murder. Gabigail loves Abigail and thinks Andre got what he deserved. Stefan sees the urn lid and says, “You killed Andre.” Stefan grabs the urn lid, wondering why she has the murder weapon. Gabigail remarks that he’s now holding it, leaving Stefan to believe she’s trying to frame him for Andre’s murder. Stefan threatens to call the cops but Gabigail reminds that her brother and boyfriend are cops. He brings up Abby’s mental illness and turns to go get Chad. Gabigail grabs him and threats to tell Chad everything Stefan did to steal his company from him. She heard Stefan and Vivian talking and saw them standing over Andre’s dead body. Stefan reached into Andre’s pocket and even took his phone. Gabigail moves in close. He refuses to give back the urn lid. She taunts him about wanting Abigail, someone he can’t have, and offers if he’ll play ball with her she can be the next best thing. Gabigail kisses Stefan then leaves. As Stefan stares at the urn lid, Gabigail sneaks back into her bed and says “Goodnight Chad, goodnight Gabi.” She lies down then snaps back to being Abigail

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Will and Paul wake up in the mausoleum, tied to chairs. They realize John put them there. Outside, Billie drags away a body bag, as back inside, Will and Paul scream for help. Will thinks John tried to kill him, but Paul explains how he found John standing over Will with a gun. Paul thought Will was dead and accused John of killing him. John fired another shot in the air and… here they are. Paul thinks John wanted someone to believe they were dead. billie-aims-gun-at-pamela-days-hwBack outside, the head of ISA Pamela Van Damme (played by Martha Hackett) catches Billie with the body bag. Billie claims John Black’s body is inside – John went rogue and was going to sell Pamela out to save Steve. John was going to kill Billie but she killed him first. Pamela believes the agent she had following John is in the bag. When Pamela threatens to kill Billie, she pulls a gun on Pamela and confesses that she’s been working with John. “It’s over, Pamela.” Back inside, Paul breaks free from his ties and frees Will, who’s impressed and says, “You get tied up often?” They hug.

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In his hospital room, Steve grabs John before he can inject something into his IV. Marlena and Kayla appear, stunned by John’s actions. John has no choice but to confess he’s been poisoning Steve. Kayla is distraught as John explains Pamela Van Damme wanted Steve dead. She put her career on the line for Steve in helping to cover up Ava’s death. Now that Joey’s confessed… John recalls how Pamela john-confesses-to-steve-days-hwsummonsed him and refused to go down for covering up for Agent Johnson – she ordered him to kill Steve, Kayla and Joey. John holds up the antidote. When Pamela vowed to find someone else to kill Steve, John agreed to make the deaths of Steve and his family appear to be from natural causes. John had to poison Steve to buy time. He admits Billie’s helping him. When Steve’s machines go off, John begs Kayla to give him the antidote. Though Kayla’s scared and lashes out at John, she injects the antidote into Steve’s IV. Steve comes back around as John gets a text from Billie. She neutralized Pamela.

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Paul and Will escape will-paul-find-billie-unconscious-days-hwthe mausoleum and find Billie lying unconsciousness on the ground.

Tripp and Ciara arrive outside the loft after a wild motorcycle ride. He makes Ciara laugh and jokes about them being lucky to be alive. Tripp flirts a bit and Ciara asks about Claire. Tripp’s moving on. Inside the loft, Tripp worries about Joey and now Steve. Ciara comforts Tripp and promises everything will be okay. After Ciara goes to bed, Tripp answers a knock at the door. It’s Pamela.

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