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John meets the ISA agent near the mausoleum. The man questions why he was seen pulling a gun on Marlena’s grandson. John details that he found out he was poisoning Steve Johnson and had to take him out. In fact, his son Paul won’t be a problem either. “His blood is on your hands,” John seethes. The agent says Van Damme will have them both killed if he’s not on the up and up. He demands to see the bodies. They head inside and John pulls a gun.

Episode # 13280Billie Reed arrives at the hospital to visit Steve. She asks how he’s doing just as Kayla walks in, surprised to see her. Billie says her mom let her know Steve was there. She goes to take a call and learns somebody has what she needs so she races off. Meanwhile, Steve wonders if the grim look on Kayla’s face means she’s jealous of Billie. Kayla says that’s not it. She ran more tests. They found trace amounts of a foreign substance in Steve’s blood. She thinks he’s being poisoned. She heads back to the lab to run more tests.

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At Doug’s Place, DA Melinda Trask and Stefan share some drinks. She gets him to admit he has feelings for his brother’s wife. She noticed his body languageEpisode # 13279 around Abigail. Stefan admits he has big plans for DiMera and his feelings could get in the way. Melinda understands. That’s why it’s better to have no feelings. Though Stefan says it doesn’t matter because she’s off limits, Melinda has a feeling that it won’t be a problem for him and then finds it bold that he followed them to the restaurant. He claims he didn’t know they’d be there. Talk turns to the murder case. Melinda says the security camera shut down was unfortunate timing. Melinda says Justin will make a case for circumstantial evidence since they never saw Gabi’s face on the camera. Stefan’s sorry and offers to make it up to her. He alludes to wanting to see her again. They agree to meet in private. She invites him back to her place.

In their bedroom at the DiMera house, Chad confides to Abigail that he thinks Stefan killed Andre and either he or someone else is framing Gabi for the murder. They agree to stop discussing it and Abigail gives Chad a Raphael’s Angel charm. He remembers she gave this to him when he was in the hospital. It’s from her father. He’s touched and they smooch.

Eli and Gabi walk through the square as JJ’s asking Lani to be his wife. Eli shakes his head ‘no’ at her but Lani says a tearful yes to JJ and kisses him happily. Eli’s displeased. JJ places the ring on Lani’s finger and Gabi and Eli approach. Gabi congratulates them and Eli accepts JJ’s request to get a drink together.

Alone at their table at the pub, Lani begs Eli to keep their secret and let her and JJ raise the baby alone. Eli doesn’t like it but agrees to keep quiet. At the bar, JJ offers Gabi support. He knows she didn’t murder Andre. Gabi’s thankful for his friendship. He credits her for saving his life, which meant he was able to propose to Lani and become a father. He owes her. Gabi and JJ head to the table and Gabi makes a toast to the engaged couple. It’s awkward and Eli and Gabi leave. JJ noticed that Lani and Eli were in an intense conversation. Lani claims it was work related. “We’re both doing what needs to be done.”

Episode # 13280Back at the mausoleum, John and the ISA agent struggle and agent takes the gun. He assumes this means John didn’t kill Will or Paul. John replies that he did everything requested of him. The agent is grateful but he’s taking over. John’s services are no longer needed. John closes his eyes and a shot is heard. He opens them and the ISA agent is down, thanks to Billie. John thanks his partner but wishes she came a little earlier. “Now I have to clean up another one of your messes,” she tells him. He apologizes for slipping a little. Van Damme is out there, so he cautions Billie to be careful. He needs to get back to Steve.

Gabi and Eli get ready for bed in his room at Martin House. She’s excited over Lani and JJ’s engagement. Eli distracts her by removing his shirt and taking her to bed.

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Back at the mansion, Abigail is on the phone with JJ. He shares his engagement news and she’s thrilled for him. She and Chad congratulate him and when they disconnect, Chad and Abby make love. Later, Abby dreams that Gabi killed Andre. She wakes up gasping. Later, someone puts on Gabi’s jacket and a brunette wig and sneaks into Stefan’s room. She’s about to plant the lid of Tony’s urn when Stefan walks in and catches her. The woman turns to him – it’s Abigail.

John arrives in Steve’s room at the hospital. He begins to inject something into Steve’s IV and Steve wakes up and grabs him. “What are you doing?”

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