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Episode # 13279Eric rushes up to Jennifer and Henry’s table at Doug’s Place and tells the doctor to get his hands off his donut. Jennifer asks him to apologize to Henry but Eric owes her an apology. Anna’s gossip was incorrect. Eric has moved on from Nicole and wants to be with Jennifer. Outside, Eli and Gabi greet Julie, who is surprised Gabi’s not in jail. Eli says she’s out on bail and is innocent. He plans on proving that. Julie asserts that if he does, he’ll be making the biggest mistake of his life. Gabi and Eli follow Julie inside where Julie brings up Nick. Eli calls that ancient history. Gabi goes to the powder room and Julie asks him to watch his career if he stands up for a woman like Gabi Hernandez. DA Trask approaches and agrees. “Miss Hernandez won’t be handed a get out of jail free card this time.” Gabi returns and they both defend Gabs. Trask confides that Abigail told the police that Gabi threatened Andre. Gabi gasps. That’s a figure of speech! She leaves.

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Before Abigail and Chad leave the mansion for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, Chad mocks Stefan for staying home with his mother. Stefan talks to Stefano’s portrait about capturing his queen. He won’t make his father’s mistake.

At the square, Doug shows JJ Alice’s engagement ring. She always wanted it passed down to one of her grandkids. First, he says since his father and grandfather aren’t around, Doug wants to tell him how proud of him they would be – as he is. He wants to ensure JJ’s not rushing into anything. “Lani’s having my baby,” JJ says. Doug muses that it’s fast. JJ asks if he shouldn’t propose and Doug asks if that “would be so bad.” They don’t need to marry to have a child. JJ reassures Doug he wants to marry Lani. When Lani shows up, Doug makes himself scarce and JJ kisses Lani, then gets down on bended knee to ask her to marry him. She cries.

Outside Doug’s Place, Gabi bumps into Abigail and Chad. “You sold me out,”Episode # 13279 she says to Abby. Chad vouches for Abby that she was doing the right thing. Abby maintains belief in Gabi’s innocence but Gabi storms off. Back inside, Dr. Shah looks around uncomfortably as Eric asks for another chance with Jenn. Jennifer finds this highly rude and asks him to leave. Eric says fine, “But I’m gonna take this donut.” He goes and Abigail and Chad stroll up to say hello, while Julie gets the DA an Alabama Slammer. Julie starts to slam Gabi and then says she hopes the DA ensures Gabi gets the punishment she deserves if she’s found guilty. Abigail and Chad get their own table and Julie brings them champagne, courtesy of Stefan, who has just waltzed in. Julie updates them on Gabi’s case, saying they just need to find Gabi’s coat and Episode # 13279Andre’s cell phone and they have their case. Neither Abby nor Chad wants to talk about that. Julie runs off to the kitchen and Stefan walks up and pours their drinks. He claims he didn’t intend on crashing their date. Nearby, Jennifer apologizes for Eric but Henry can see she wants to be with Eric. He goes. Stefan returns to the bar and buys Trask a drink. Back at their own table, Chad gives Abs a ruby heart charm for her charm bracelet. They smooch and take off, leaving Stefan the champagne, which he shares with Trask as he hits on her. Later, Julie finds Jenn alone and Jenn fills her in with Eric’s interruption. Julie grins and encourages her to go to him. Jenn goes and Doug walks out of the kitchen. Julie gossips about Eli and Jenn’s love life. Doug Episode # 13279shares that JJ is asking Lani to marry him right now. Julie grins. She finds her husband adorable in his chef’s hat.

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Eli finds Gabi in the park, hyperventilating. Her head is spinning with everyone pointing the finger at her. Eli again vows to prove she’s innocent but Gabi worries it won’t be enough and she’ll get some kind of Karma for killing Nick. Gabi wonders if Stefan killed Andre and is the one framing her. Eli concurs. Someone could have dressed up as Gabi in the security footage. Episode # 13279Gabi’s glad he’s on her side. He looks guilty.

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Jennifer finds Eric at the pub. They share a kiss.

Back at home, Chad tells his wife he thinks Andre was murdered by Stefan.

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JJ and Lani celebrate.

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