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Hope arrives at SPD and kisses Rafe as she wishes him a happy Valentine’s Day. He offers her one of Alice’s doughnuts that Jennifer brought and they head out to celebrate.

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Episode # 13278Kayla finds Steve awake in his room at the hospital. He didn’t take his sedative because it’s Valentine’s Day. He shows her flowers on his bedside table and she asks who sent them. “They’re for you, sweetness,” he says. They share a tender moment. Dr. Shah walks in. His spies told him Steve was up trying to arrange a romantic dinner. Shah puts him on strict bedrest. Rafe and Hope arrive with chocolate and Kayla and Henry leave them to visit. Steve pledges to dance at their wedding May 1. Hope corrects him. The wedding is on March 1. Kayla returns and ushers them out, then tells him they’ll dine together. Steve wanted to take her to Green Mountain Lodge. Kay doesn’t mind. She just wants to be together. They kiss and dine on food Maggie sent over from Chez Rouge.  Kay says Stephanie wants to come home for a visit. Steve assumes it’s because of his illness but promises he’s not going anywhere.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady calls Victor and provides an update on their plan to get Eve to fall in love with him. He thinks he’s close to getting his old job back. Eve walks up and hears that last part. Brady muses that he’s drinking less, and senses Victor trusts him more. Eve gossips about Tate’s crush on McKenna from pre-school just as he appears with Valentine’s Day cards for his daddy and his mommy. Brady calls it sweet and hugs the boy, heartbroken for his son. Eve suggests they make a special box and whenever he has something he wants to give his mommy, they can put it in that box and maybe one day they’ll give it to her. Eve promises that a mommy always loves her child, even when she can’t be with them. They embrace, and Brady tears up. Tate toddles off and Brady thanks her. Eve states she had a lot of practice telling Paige where her father was over the years. She could strangle her sister for walking away from her son. Brady thinks they’re better off without her, then realizes that sounds insensitive. Eve admits she left a voicemail for Theresa, but her sister didn’t call her back. Eve plans on being there for her nephew. Brady’s grateful for that and her friendship. She goes and Victor texts, urging Brady to continue to go after Eve.

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At the square, Tripp scarfs down one of Alice’s famous doughnuts. When Eric attemptsEpisode # 13278 to take one, Jenn pulls them away. The rest are for Doug’s Place. She has to leave to meet Henry there. Eric wishes her a wonderful night though he looks forlorn. They part ways and Ciara orders dinner for one from Tripp. Tripp brings up Claire who is on her way to South Africa and Ciara begs him never to tell Claire that Rafe had sex with Sami, because it’d be a disaster. Later, Hope and Rafe walk up and the women plan to shop for the wedding. They hug, and Ciara looks conflicted. She takes Tripp for a ride on her motorcycle.

Jennifer arrives at Doug’s Place for dinner. Julie’s surprised Jenn is dining with Dr. Henry Shah, not Eric. Jenn relays the news that Anna DiMera told her about Eric being hung up on Nicole. Julie scoffs at Anna being an unreliable source. Henry arrives and after they’re seated, he notes that Julie is less than pleased he’s with her. She must wish he was Eric. Jennifer says they’re just friends. They discuss Henry’s volunteer work and agree they’re having a lovely evening, though Jennifer’s smile doesn’t reach her eyes.

At the pub, Eric looks despondent. Anna assumes he’s pining over Nicole. He’s not, which puzzles Anna. She recalls him telling Roman. Roman cringes and Eric says she didn’t hear the whole story. He doesn’t want to be with Nicole. He wants Jenn, who is dating someone else. Anna blames herself because she told Jennifer that Eric wasn’t over NEpisode # 13278icole. Eric runs to find Jenn.

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In the park, Hope and Rafe agree not to have a rehearsal dinner. Hope gives him a letter approving his vacation request. He’s happy. Hope wants to go on a real camping trip at Smith Island, the night before they marry. Rafe gives Hope a gift. It’s a massive strand of pearls called an el lazo (lasso) which they place over each other. Rafe says it represents commitment faith and eternity.

Eric arrives at Doug’s Place. He goes to Jenn and Henry at their table. When Henry reaches for a doughnut, Eric says, “Hands off Doc. That doughnut is meant for me.”

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