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Kate walks into the DiMera mausoleum, shocked to find Billie there. “Fancy meeting you here,” Billie says, grinning. They embrace, and Billie says she went by the mansion to see her mom and when she wasn’t there, she decided to pay her respects to Andre. Billie tries to rush Kate out but Kate picks up bullet casings on the floor and hands them to Billie. Billie isn’t surprised by them since “this family has been trigger happy.” Kate’s surprised nobody noticed them until now. Billie drops the casings on the floor and drags Kate outside with claims that she’s freezing.

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John finds Steve asleep at the hospital. He tells his ‘partner’ he’s so sorry, then takes out a syringe.ciara-accuses-claire-of-jealousy-days-nbc

Ciara hugs Tripp and tells him to go see his dad at the hospital. She comforts him and says she knows Kayla won’t let anything happen to Steve. He leaves and Claire pokes her head in. She wonders why Ciara’s throwing herself at Tripp. Ciara explains she was comforting Tripp because Steve’s in the hospital. Claire worries about her uncle and then Ciara suggests Claire is jealous because she’s hung up on Tripp. Claire calls that outrageous and goes off to pack for her trip to see Theo. Later, Ciara receives flowers for Claire from Theo and they argue some more over Tripp. Claire thinks the secret Ciara and Tripp are sharing is Ciara’s usual first step toward gaining a guy’s trust when she’s going after him. Claire asks what the secret is but Ciara’s not telling but it has nothing to do with her or Theo.

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At SPD, Eli tells Rafe that he needs to clear Gabi, partially to make her forgive him for cheating on her with Lani. Rafe’s mouth drops open in shock. He chad-bails-gabi-out-days-nbcunderstands what Eli’s going through. He’s not going to judge him because he did the same thing to Hope when they were broken up. He elucidates and the men commiserate. Neither wants to come clean. They feel they’re looking out for their women, but both look miserable. Talk turns to their case. If they find the missing cell phone, they can probably clear Gabi.

At the park, Chad tells Gabi he posted her bail. He thinks she’s being framed by Stefan. Gabi reels. Chad admits he’s worried about Abigail. He asks Gabi to keep this between them. They talk about how much Chad loathes Stefan. “He’s trying to take my wife.” Chad spits, and he’s not cool with that. Chad goes on to say he thinks Andre and Stefan were working together and that Stefan hired someone to dress up as Gabi that fateful night. Chad admits Abigail told the detectives that Gabi threatened to kill Andre. Gabi freaks. “She sold me out!” Chad says it’s better it came out now than during the trial. Gabi wonders now if she should have taken the plea deal. Chad says not to second guess herself. Gabi thanks him for bailing her out.

Abigail overhears Stefan listening to his voice recording on Andre’s phone at DiMera Industries. When she questions him, Stefan claims he was listening to a voice memo to rehire Gabi. They discuss the murder case and Abby assumes whoever has Andre’s phone was in his office the night he was murdered. Stefan thinks the detectives were grasping at straws. abby-stefan-office-gossip-days-nbcShe doesn’t believe Gabi is guilty. They argue and Stefan presses her buttons, reminding her once again that Chad was with Gabi once. Abigail sets him straight. Nothing he says will change her love for her husband. Stefan doesn’t like where this is going and thinks her agitation with him means she’s not ready to be back to work so soon after Andre’s passing. Stefan insults her for having a mental illness and she gets her back up. He claims he’s sorry but she’s not buying it. She tells him she got through her illness with Andre, Chad, and her family. Stefan asks if she thinks she beat it and she believes so. Stefan offers his friendship, but Abby’s not interested. Once she leaves, Stefan deletes his voicemail from Andre’s phone.

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Tripp walks in on John before he injects an unconscious Steve’s IV with the drug. John quickly covers that he’s checking on the drip. He tells Tripp how sorry he is. Tripp regrets wasting so much time arguing with Steve when they first met. John thinks Tripp should tell his father how much he means to him while he still can. He leaves and Tripp talks to his dad, hopeful he’ll get well. “I can’t lose you now.”

Outside the mausoleum, Kate and Billie agree to meet later and when Kate leaves, Billie heads back into the mausoleum. John follows, scaring her. He lets her know he was unable to inject Steve because someone interrupted. John’s thankful, because this dosage would have killed him.

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