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John arrives at the hospital and Marlena snipes at him for not responding to any of her calls. She was worried sick. “Where were you?” John flashes to leaving the DiMera mausoleum with Will’s wallet behind on the ground and says he hasn’t slept all night. She tells him the doctors are baffled about Steve’s case and again questions his whereabouts. John was working on his new case. He’s sorry. Marlena asks if the new client is more important than his best friend. John looks anguished and asks her to trust that if the tables were turned, Steve would have done exactly what he did last night. She leaves him to visit Steve and on his way in Steve’s room, John looks sickened as he pulls out a syringe.

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Episode # 13276At SPD, Hope leaves a message for Will, asking him to call back so they can finish their meeting. Carrie interrupts and asks Hope to clear her parents’ names. Hope has to wait to hear from the DA before she can. Hope gives Carrie an invitation to her and Rafe’s wedding which is March 1. Carrie flashes to knowing Rafe and Sami had sex. Carrie stammers and will let Hope know. Gabi’s taken into the interrogation room. Justin tells her Arianna’s doing well just as DA Melinda Trask, (played by Laura Kai Chen) arrives to notify them she filed a Murder One charge against Gabi. “No witnesses, no fingerprints. It’s circumstantial at best. There’s another suspect,” Justin says. He can see that Trask is after Gabi because she murdered Nick Fallon. Gabi swears she didn’t do it but Trask thinks she can convince a jury. Justin calls Trask biased. Trask shrugs. The arraignment is in a few minutes. Gabi panics. Trask suggests Gabi plead to manslaughter. Gabi refuses even though it’d mean a 9 year sentence.

Lucas finds Kate outside the mausoleum. He’s looking for Will and had hoped she’d seen him. She hasn’t. Lucas says he’s not at Martin House, either. Kate shrugs that he’s a young man who probably has something better to do than hold the hand of someone he doesn’t know. Lucas is there for her. He’ll be the one to hold her hand. Kate laments that she promised Gabi she’d support her and Andre knew this. They fought and Kate threatened to end things if he didn’t fix it. “And now he’s lying dead in a mausoleum.” Lucas is sorry he told her to take a chance on love but Kate’s not. She’s only sorry it ended with them angry with one another. She asks how Lucas is. He looks good. Lucas is sober. He admits he asked Chloe out. Kate vows to lock him in the crypt if he even thinks about that! Eventually Lucas leaves Kate and she goes into the mausoleum and gasps.

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Abigail walks to Andre’s office at DiMera in a daze, rips off the crime tape on his door, Episode # 13276finds Tony’s urn and sticks her hand inside only to remove it with a bloody hand. Gabi waltzes in with the lid to the urn and questions if she’s looking for it. Abigail wakes up at home screaming and tells Chad, “It was Gabi.” She mutters quietly about the evidence stacking up against her friend. Downstairs, Stefan finishes a call with Mr. Shin when Eli and Rafe wander in with questions about Andre’s death. Stefan thinks this must be difficult working on a case when Rafe’s sister, Eli’s girlfriend is the main suspect. The cops assure Stefan they can handle it. Rafe brings up how the security footage was shut down just as Andre was murdered. Eli questions Stefan’s alibi just as Chad and Abigail walk in. Chad wants an answer to that question, too. Stefan says Abigail can confirm his whereabouts there though he never saw Andre after breakfast. Stefan’s a hands-off CEO. Chad believes in Gabi’s innocence, causing Eli to question why he’s so sure. Chad knows she wouldn’t take the risk again. Rafe asks if Stefan has seen Andre’s cell phone. Stefan shrugs. Abs offers to search for it. Stefan goes and Abby is hesitant to admit it but she recalls Gabi saying she’d kill Andre. She’s sorry. The Po-po goes and Abs kicks herself. They need to prove Gabi’s innocence.

Rafe arrives at SPD and tells Hope about Abigail hearing Gabi say she wanted to kill Andre. They both agree that Gabi wouldn’t have done it. Hope gets a text and learns Gabi was charged with Murder One. In the interrogation room, Gabi is out on bail. Later, Eli and Rafe are relieved.

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Stefan arrives at the office. He unlocks his desk drawer and takes out Andre’s cell phone. He listens to a message he left about Gabi’s firing just as Abigail walks in.

In the park, Gabi finds Chad who is glad she’s out on bail. He knows she’s being framed.

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