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Episode # 13275Abigail slumps down the stairs at the DiMera mansion and she and Chad discuss finding a way to eventually tell Thomas his uncle is dead. Abby knows it’s not fair that she keeps talking about him like he’s a saint. Chad wants her to talk to him about her feelings. She wishes she wasn’t so insecure about things like how to protect Thomas. Chad’s confused. Abs just wants to know more about what happened. Chad lets her know Gabi was arrested. He tells her all of the incriminating footage and Abby’s puzzled. Chad believes Gabi. “Don’t you?” he asks. Abigail does too. She beats herself up again for asking Gabi if she killed Andre and they rehash his own arrest when the cops thought he was the Necktie Killer. They head up to bed later and snuggle in bed.

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Episode # 13275At the Kiriakis mansion, Arianna wakes up looking for her mama. Sonny lets her know she gets to stay over tonight. He tells her how much she’s loved and in walks Justin, who agrees. Ari gets hugs and meanders back to bed. Justin and Sonny discuss Gabi’s arrest. Justin worries that Trask is going to go after her like a Pitbull tomorrow because she was angry that Gabi didn’t complete her sentence for murdering Nick. Gabi not having an alibi doesn’t look good, but he can handle Trask. Sonny’s counting on him. Justin’s hesitant to bring it up but needs to know if he should file divorce papers. Sonny sighs. He had hopes that Will would remember everything before it came to this. Justin says there is always hope that one day, Will will remember his love for Sonny.

The ISA agent, (played by Bill Christian), catches Paul following him and pulls a gun. Episode # 13275Paul tells him he’s a PI and on a case. The man knows who Paul is so Paul asks him to fill him in on what’s going on. His father hasn’t been acting himself and demands to know what he did to him. The man says he’s in charge. Paul fakes seeing his father and the man looks away for a second. Paul goes after him and grabs the gun. There’s a struggle and Paul overpowers the guy and grabs his gun. The man knows Paul won’t shoot him. “You’re not a killer,” he says before walking away.

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Outside the pub, Will confronts John about poisoning Steve. John tells his grandson he’s not operating with all the facts. Will says he overheard him talking to the guy in the park and Paul told him about John’sEpisode # 13275 past brainwashing. Is John brainwashed now? John warns him to stay out of it but Will can’t let him get away with this. When he starts dialing Marlena’s number, John pulls a gun. Will thinks John’s overreacting, but John disagrees.

At the hospital, Steve collapses to the floor. Kayla notes he has stopped breathing. Marlena calls an orderly while Kayla starts chest compressions, then gives him mouth to mouth. He begins to breathe and jokes that this must be heaven. He promptly passes out while everyone scrambles to get him help. They set him up in a room and Marlena leaves a message for John, asking him to stop by because of the collapse. Later, she and Kayla discuss Steve’s mysterious case, both feeling helpless. Kayla goes to Steve, who is still awake. She’s surprised he’s still awake. He didn’t take the last sedative and jokes about how he liked “her sweet lips” on his when she gave him mouth to mouth. She grins. “In fact, I’m feeling a little light headed. I could use a little more of that.” Talk turns and Steve knows he’s getting worse.

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John and Will arrive at the DiMera mausoleum. Will’s phone buzzes and he secretly answers, then says loudly, “I don’t get it John. What are we doing at the DiMera mausoleum?” John ushers him inside. Will disconnects and Paul races over there. John says there’s no point in explaining anything to him. “This is where the dead are put to rest,” John says, raising his gun. Will scrambles for a way out of the mess and wonders what Marlena will think when she finds out. John says it’s a risk he’ll have to take. Meanwhile, Paul arrives outside and finds Will’s wallet. He hears a gunshot coming from inside. He goes in and John says he shouldn’t have come. Meanwhile, Will lies on the ground out cold with a bloody head and John cocks his gun. Outside the mausoleum, a gunshot is heard.Episode # 13275

Back at the hospital, Marlena becomes increasingly worried and calls John again, begging him to contact her since Steve’s been admitted and John’s nowhere to be found. “Where are you?” In his room, Steve agrees to take the sedative prescribed. He and Kayla snuggle and Steve vows to get through this as long as they’re together.

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