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In the square, JJ asks Abe for Lani’s hand in marriage. Now that they’re having a kid, he doesn’t want to wait. He also shares that he’s looking for a new job, possibly an EMT. The program lasts six months and will mean he’s done before the baby’s born. Abe hesitates. Val says she’s the one who has concerns, not Abe. JJ questions her reason. She thinks they should take their time and marry for the right reasons. Abe calls Val’s concerns legitimate but he’s old fashioned and thinks it’s important for Lani to marry the father of her child, especially a man as responsible and loving as JJ. Abe gives his blessing. JJ is thrilled. He toddles off.

In the interrogation room at SPD, Lani tells Eli she’s pregnant with his child. Eli’s angry that she lied about it before. Lani is sorry for lying in the beginning. “I knew it,” he whispers. Lani claims she told him what he wanted to hear so he could move on with Gabi and she could move on with JJ. Eli asks what changed her mind about telling him. Episode # 13274She declares that his mother forced her hand. Eli’s shocked to hear his mama went through her confidential records. Eli says it’s because she doesn’t want history to repeat itself. Lani still thinks it’s best if JJ assumes he’s the father. Eli’s astounded she wants him to keep this a secret. Talk turns to Gabi being the number one murder suspect in Andre’s case. Lani calls this the wrong time to tell the truth. Eli complains that she’s just trying to save her own butt. Lani feels everyone will lose if they’re honest. She asks him to consider it. He goes out for air. Later, JJ arrives and badgers Lani about taking prenatal vitamins until she tells him to stop. She tells him about Gabi being a suspect. JJ knows Gabi wouldn’t have done it.

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Kayla returns to her office with some test results for Steve. She tells him it’s still a mystery but they’ll know more tomorrow when they see the doctor. He’s frustrated and attempts to get up but collapses. The dizziness is more intense, but he begs her not to admit him to the hospital. She berates him for his stubbornness. By the hub, John finds Marlena and asks if she’s ready to go. Nothing would make her happier to spend the evening with her favorite person in the world. They smooch while Will and Paul hide nearby and argue about whether they should confront John. A man approaches John. Paul whispers that this is the man who gave John the vial. The man lies that he wants to hire John as a PI. John takes him aside and Will and Paul are set to follow when Marlena spots them. They lie that they’re visiting a friend named Derek in administration. They take off. Steve and Kayla wander up to the hub. Marlena finds them and assures them that both she and John are there for them. Suddenly, Steve collapses.

At the loft, Claire tells Tripp she overheard Ciara ask him to keep a secret. “So what was it?” Claire asks. Tripp shakes his head and admonishes her for eavesdropping. He can’t tell her. She assumes it’s romantic in nature, but he laughs at that. She tells Tripp about the contest to be the new face of Bella Magazine. Tripp says she has his vote. Claire thinks it’ll showcase her musical talent.

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sickly-steve-hugs-kay-nbcdaysJohn and the man who turns out to be an ISA agent says their boss Pamela wants to remind John of who is in control. As long as John carries out his mission, they won’t bother his family. The man gives John a refill of poison. They know he threw a hissy fit at the pub and smashed the last one. John says he just learned his best friend is diagnosed with an illness. The man says it doesn’t matter. The ISA mucky-mucks want Steve gone. “This drug slowly but surely is going to kill him.” The drug is untraceable, and it’ll look like he’ll die of natural causes. The man urges John to get it done fast. “A few more dosages and he’ll be dead.” Meanwhile, Will and Paul have heard the whole conversation. Paul tails the agent and begs Will not to approach John about it yet. John calls Steve to meet and Will follows him.

Back at the square, Eli stops Val and explains Lani told him everything. He’s not sure what to do about it.

Paul follows the ISA agent to an alley and gets a gun pulled on him.

At the pub John dumps the poison into Steve’s coffee. Will texts Paul to tell him and when John walks out, Will grabs him and says, “I’m not going to let you poison Steve.”

On the next Days of our Lives:

Paul is in danger.

Kayla confides in Marlena.

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