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At SPD, Rafe and Eli are disturbed to note that the woman in the security footage is carrying out the shell to Tony’s urn, which was the murder weapon. Gabi frets, knowing this isn’t good. Meanwhile, Abe drops by Hope’s office with a hug. Abe tells Hope Theo’s well but devastated by the news of his uncle’s death. He wants an update on the murder case. Episode # 13274Hope tells him about Hattie writing that note to manipulate Anna into murdering Andre. Abe asks her to keep Lani out of the line of fire. Hope already planned on that and congratulates “Grandpa.” Hope goes to the interrogation room and finds everyone a mess. Rafe takes Hope into her office and explains everything. She’s not pleased Rafe and Eli kept her in the dark this long. Rafe insists that’s not his sister on the tape. Back in the interrogation room, Eli holds a distraught Gabi. He needs to know where she left her key card and learns it was in her office, on top of her coat. She didn’t return for the coat because by then it was a crime scene and she had another coat to wear. Eli’s worried when he learns that after Gabi went for a drive around the lake, she went home to bed. She has no alibi. He tells her to get a lawyer and she hyperventilates. “I can’t go back to prison, okay? I can’t.” Back in Hope’s office, Hope decides to book Gabi. They head into the other room and Gabi goes into panic mode as Hope lets her know that they have to book her on suspicion of murder.

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At the pub, JJ asks Lani why she’s so upset. She flashes to Val’s ultimatum and struggles. She starts ranting about unwanted advice mothers-to-be get. JJ’s sorry. He knows he’s been hovering. She says so has Val. He fills her in on applying for the EMT training. She doesn’t want him to rush into a job because of her. He’s not and reminds her if Val and Abe marry one day, Val will be the grandmother. Lani knows but thinks that’s a big ‘if’. She heads out to work.

At the loft, Claire, and Ciara receive invitations to Hope and Rafe’s wedding. Ciara makes a snide remark that it may not even happen, making Claire curious. Ciara covers and wants Tripp to escort her. He agrees to it and Ciara makes fun of Claire who will be sitting alone. Claire asks if that’s necessary. Tripp orders them to call a truce before they start fighting and Claire stomps off. Ciara admits she’s worried about her mom marrying Rafe.

Abe meets Val at the park. He asks what she was going to tell him earlier and she shrugs it off. Abe wonders if JJ will ask Lani to marry him soon. If so, Abe hopes Val catches the bouquet. Val thinks he should let them live their own lives. “If this is your grandchild that we’re talking about, I bet you’d change your tune,” Abe says. Val bets she wouldn’t.

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Brady and Eve have their first date at Mandalay. It starts out awkward since they agree that they usually use their words as weapons or have sex. They discuss the weather, which leads them back to sex. They talk about how bad Eve feels for Gabi who lost her business when Claire appears. There are hugs all around and Eve urges Claire to keep up with her business. She mentions Claire’s a part of a demographic Titan doesn’t reach yet and wants to pick her brain later. She goes and Brady says they should relaunch Bella Magazine. They can promote their products. Eve finds that genius. They’ll redo the Face of the 90s campaign. Claire returns and overheard. Brady says she should enter the contest to be the new face of Bella. She’s in. Brady tells Eve that Claire’s aunt Carrie was the face of the 90s campaign. Later, Brady buys Eve a rose and they go home.

Brady and Eve arrive home and Eve goes up to bed alone.

Claire arrives home to the loft and overhears Ciara thanking Tripp for keeping her secret especially from Claire, who is a blabbermouth.Episode # 13274

JJ walks up to Abe and Val at the square. JJ wants Abe’s blessing to ask Lani to marry him.

Lani arrives at SPD and tells Eli she lied. This baby isn’t JJ’s, it’s his.

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