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Kayla rips into someone on a call while trying to get Steve an appointment with a specialist when JJ appears. He wants reassurance that Lani’s as healthy as she says. Kayla reassures him. JJ also is interested in the EMT training. Kayla just happens to be an advisor to the program. She gives him an application and asks him to consider it.

At the pub, Valerie confronts Lani. She knows Eli’s the father of her baby. Lani tries to lie but Val gently explains that she knows Lani and Eli had sex a few weeks ago and that she and JJ weren’t together for months. This means her due date is September 17, not August 17. Lani is angry to realize Val must have looked at her confidential patient records to learn that. She cries and yells, “How dare you?” She clutches at her belly and sobs. Val says she cares about Lani and the baby but wants to ensure Lani’s doing the right thing by her son. Lani believes she is doing the right thing. She doesn’t want to ruin Eli’s life. Val has been through this before and is trying to spare her what she went through. Eli would want to help her take care of the kid. Lani sobs about JJ almost committing suicide and doesn’t want him to know the truth out of fear of what he’ll do. Lani recounts the events prior to his attempt, causing Val to cry. Val’s thankful Lani told her what’s at stake but doesn’t believe lying to JJ is doing him or the baby any favors. Lani cries that the truth will hurt everyone. She thinks this would send JJ over the edge. “Do you really Episode # 13272want to be responsible for that?”

Abigail visits Andre’s plot in the family mausoleum and wonders who took him away from her. Chad approaches. She asks what happened with Hattie. “They’re currently drilling the crazy off her,” he jokes. They ponder who did it and Chad’s positive Gabi is innocent.

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At DiMera mansion, Vivian drinks Stefano’s best single malt as they joke about Andre’s body falling on her at the funeral. Vivian’s relaxed knowing the police have nothing on them. They finally got away with it and they don’t have to deal with Andre anymore. Gabi appears, asking for her company back. Stefan will recommend the board reinstates her.

At the police station, Eli and Rafe watch the rest of the DiMera security footage. They see someone from the back with Gabi’s coat on. They don’t see her face. Rafe wants to call Hope but Eli convinces him to allow him to call Gabi first.

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Back at the DiMera house, Gabi takes a call from Eli to meet at SPD. She leaves and Vivian shakes her head. She brings up Stefan’s interest in Abigail. Stefan denies it but she says he almost broke his ankle trying to wipe Abby’s nose at the funeral. Stefan admits he has feelings and is trying to get over them. Vivian knows he’s not in love with her and thinks he’s obsessed. She’s taken. Stefan argues that he’s used to getting what he wants. “And what I want is Abigail.” Vivian smacks him. “Well grow up. Get over it!” Abigail and Chad walk in. They’re taken aback, considering mother and son are always so chummy. They cover and say they were arguing because Stefan wants to reinstate Gabi and Vivian doesn’t.

spd-freeze-frame-maybe-gabi-days-nbcGabi arrives at SPD. Her brother plays the video footage of the woman going into Andre’s office. Gabi becomes agitated.  Gabi swears on Arianna’s life that she never returned to DiMera that night. That’s not her. They show her the woman leaving. Her face isn’t visible. They’ll check key cards and the video footage for the entire building, though Eli believes Gabi. Rafe leaves the room and when he returns, he says the key card used was hers, but there’s no footage of her leaving the building. They maximize a photo of the woman leaving and see she has the cover to the urn in her hand. It’s the missing piece of the murder weapon.

Back at the pub, Val refuses to lie to Eli again. She suggests Lani tell Eli herself. If she can’t then Val will after 24 hours. JJ walks up and sees the tears. Val leaves and JJ questions Lani.

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