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Outside the pub, Lani calls Eli and tells him she has taken on an extra load at work. He suggests she can’t handle it since she’s pregnant. She rolls her eyes at how antiquated that is. They disconnect and Val appears. They go inside where Val is about to confront Lani about her real baby daddy when Abe walks in, back from South Africa. He remarks that Theo’s charming the staff at the clinic and talk turns to Lani’s due date, August 17. Val finds the date off but Lani assures her it’s correct.

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Gabi sees JJ in the square with a children’s blue bicycle and a pink one. She laughs at him getting carried away. They discuss Andre stealing Gabi’s company. JJ believes Gabi will get it back.

At Doug’s Place, Julie confides to Eli her fear that Gabi might have killed Andre, since she has murdered before. Eli calls Gabi innocent and admits the SPD is close to solving the case. Julie decides it’s time she let go of the past regarding Gabi. Talk turns to David’s death date coming up. Eli agrees to help plan a service for him.

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At SPD, Hattie confesses she was online at Statesville and saw a photo of Anna draped all over Roman on the pub’s Instagram account. Episode # 13271She wrote the letter to Anna, thinking she’d kill Andre because of it. Rafe opines that the letter does give Anna motive. Anna details the night of the murder. She confronted Andre about murdering Tony but Andre denied it. He was nowhere near Salem. They argued and Anna tried to hit Andre over the head with Tony’s urn but Andre grabbed it. Anna begged him to give it back and Andre opened the urn and sniffed it, offending Anna. He then threatened to dump the ashes into the toilet if she didn’t leave. Anna apologized and left without the ashes. Hattie’s yells, “You choked!” Rafe explains to the room that there’s more security footage after Anna left that Stefan is having sent over. Hope tells Hattie that she’s going back to Statesville and Hope will talk to the warden about transferring her to another prison. Hattie tells Roman to watch his back around Anna and lets the cop escort her out. When they’re alone, Carrie makes it a point to tell Rafe she hopes Hope never finds out about his sexy encounter with Sami.

Eli finds Gabi in the square and asks her to recount the events the night Andre was murdered. Gabi tells him about the argument and that she left without her coat because Andre threatened to call security. She becomes perturbed, thinking Eli’s trying to establish a timeline. He prods her and she admits she saw Abigail after and told her the story. Abby agreed to help her get the company back. Eli comments that she didn’t respond to any of his calls that night. Gabi snaps that she was unsettled. She went for a drive around the lake – there’s no cell phone service there. Eli believes in her but she’s still unnerved that somebody could think she’d kill Andre just because she didn’t like him. Eli admits they think Anna DiMera is behind it.

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JJ arrives at the pub with the two bikes. Everyone laughs. Episode # 13271They discuss making mistakes as parents and Val chips in. “Yeah like the big one I made not telling Eli who his real father was.” It’s awkward and Lani takes JJ aside. Lani thinks JJ will be the most amazing dad ever. They kiss and JJ talks about getting a new career. Nearby, Abe gushes about how happy he is for the kids. He and Val hold hands. They missed one another. Abe heard about Andre’s murder. He wonders if the police have any suspects. Later, Abe can tell Val has something on her mind. She’s about to tell him something when he takes a call from Theo’s uncle in South Africa. Since JJ has left, Val finds Lani nearby and confronts her. She knows Eli is the father of her baby.Episode # 13271

At Doug’s Place, Julie spots JJ looking at a pregnancy site and asks if he has news to share. He grins and tells her he’s going to be a father. Julie’s happy for him.

Back at SPD, Eli appears and they fill him in on what went down with Anna and Hattie. Rafe and Eli go watch the new security footage. They find something that shocks them.

Roman, Anna and Carrie walk up to the pub. Anna feels relieved she’s not a suspect anymore. Carrie lets her know that until the police find evidence to incriminate someone else, her mom’s not in the clear.

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