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At the Salem police station, Carrie confronts Rafe about having sex with Sami. Sami told her everything, likely because she still holds a grudge because Carrie and Rafe were together. Rafe says it was a mistake and that it happened while he and Hope were broken up. He tells her Ciara knows. Carrie’s shocked and thinks confessing is better than being outed by Ciara. Rafe just hopes Ciara sees how much he loves her mother and lets it go. Meanwhile in Hope’s office, Will reveals that John’s been making some secret phone calls. Hope assumes they’re calls to the ISA. Will’s distracted by her engagement ring. He’s seen it before. He asks if it was his mother’s. Hope says it’s new, and her engagement ring from Rafe. She laughs, assuming she and Sami have the same ring.

At the square, Paul asks his father for his honesty.

Marlena walks into the DiMera mausoleum clad in black with a huge fancy black hat on her head. Vivian asks if she’s auditioning for the grieving widow. Marlena sniffs. She came to pay her respects to Andre. Everyone’s surprised. Kate mentions that Marlena doesn’t sound like herself. Marlena brushes it off and when Abigail reads a poem, Marlena makes a few nasty remarks until Abigail tells her to leave. Marlena won’t go until she sees Andre in the ground. She spots his pocket watch Chad placed on his casket and gasps, asking why Alfie’s watch is there. Kate realizes this isn’t Marlena and “Marlena” rips off her hat and introduces herself as Hattie Adams. She’s there to dance on Andre’s grave. Stefan’s confused so they explain who she is and Hattie, in a roundabout way, makes it sound as though she killed Andre. Vivian asks if this is a confession and Hattie pushes everyone aside, trying to get out of the mausoleum. In the scuffle, Vivian falls on to the casket and the flowers fly in the air while Vivian lands on her ass with the body on top of her. The women put things to rights and Vivian is repelled by being accosted by a corpse. She rants about how Andre was a piece of work and goes. Abigail’s miffed that for some unknown reason to her, only she and Kate saw the good in Andre. Kate tears up, grieving her loss and they go.

At the pub, Roman tells Anna that Hattie Adams wrote that mysterious note. Episode # 13270Anna doesn’t understand why Hattie would go after her. Roman says Hattie was infatuated with him and probably thinks Anna stole her man. They take off to see Hope.

Back at the square, Paul’s about to confront John about poisoning Steve when Marlena walks up. John fills her in on the note Hattie wrote to Anna and says Roman left to tell Hope. John apologizes to Paul. They can talk later. John drags Marlena off.

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Back at SPD, Roman and Anna barge in on Hope and Will. Hope’s livid. Episode # 13270She ushers Will out. They’ll talk later. Roman explains the whole story about Hattie sending the letter. Later, Hattie’s dragged in by Chad and Stefan. Everyone hears a commotion and goes into the main room where Hattie denies murdering Andre and blames Anna, the “tired skank.” Anna goes at her, calling her a “creepy clone,” and they’re held off. Rafe takes Stefan into his office and questions him about the missing hour in the security video footage. Stefan lies that they had to shut the old security videos down until they tested the new ones that night. Rafe finds that convenient. Stefan invites Rafe to investigate more. In the main office, Hope tells Hattie it’s time to go back to Statesville. Hattie asks if she can sneak back in and she and Anna start sniping at each other again.Episode # 13270

Will finds Paul at the square and tells him what went down at SPD with Hope. Paul admits he too didn’t get a chance to tell his dad.

Outside the pub, Marlena admits she feels unsafe now that Hattie’s back. John says there may be some things out of his control right now but he’d never let Hattie hurt her again. They embrace. Marlena gets a call and leaves.

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