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At Martin House, Eric wakes up surprised to be in bed with Jennifer. She needed to see him and tells him she dated Dr. Shah to get over him. They kiss and then Eric wakes up holding his pillow. It was a dream. In JJ’s room, JJ yells at Lani, knowing the baby isn’t his. Lani cries and apologizes and then JJ wakes her up. It was a nightmare. They kiss and Lani asks to hold off before telling anyone else yet. JJ just wants to shout it out to the world. He calls her “Sexy Baby Mama.” Over in Eli’s room, he and Gabi wake up in bed together. Eli comes clean and confesses he cheated on her with Lani. Gabi smacks him and then Eli wakes up…they talk about Andre’s murder and her company being stolen. Eli suggests she speak to Kate about Gabi Chic if the opportunity presents itself.Episode # 13264

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At the DiMera mansion lounge, Kate flashes to professing her love to Andre. Things take a turn when Andre tells her he never loved her. He begins to laugh and she wakes up in her robe with a start. She looks at Andre’s photo and starts to cry, then smashes it in the fireplace. Upstairs, Abigail dreams of finding Andre on the floor at DiMera Enterprises. She asks who did this to him and he starts to sit up. She wakes up gasping and Chad holds her as she recounts the bad dream. She admits to Chad that she ran into Gabi after her firing and wonders if he thinks she could have been angry enough with Andre to kill him. Chad can’t imagine that. Abs admits Gabi actually threatened Andre’s life and it’s not like she hasn’t killed before.

At the hospital, Val and Kayla are happy to learn Theo made it to South Africa and the clinic. His doctors are optimistic. He connected with Celeste, Lexi’s mother, too. They talk about Lani’s pregnancy and Val flashes to Eli saying he took Lani to bed. Val is curious about how far along Lani is and Kayla looks nervous. She claims she can’t discuss specifics because Lani’s her patient. Val muses that she must have gotten pregnant before Theo was shot.Episode # 13264

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At the square, Henry and Jennifer are on a date when Eric pops up. Henry invites him to join them. He wants to address the grant proposal but gets a page and has to run. It’s awkward and Eric takes a seat. He’s cool with her. They discuss Andre’s murder and Eric worries for Abigail, knowing she and Andre were close. Eric learns Jenn and Henry are dating and claims he’s happy for her. Jenn just wants to change the subject. When Jenn can’t find her stylus, Eric assumes it’s at Shah’s place. Jenn’s offended – she never stayed over at his place. Besides, it’s none of his business! JJ interrupts and tells them Lani’s pregnant. Eric knew, but Jenn’s reaction is one of excitement. They embrace.Episode # 13264

Back at the mansion, Gabi arrives to see Kate and they get into a discussion about Andre’s murder. Kate knows Tony’s urn is the murder weapon but that Anna has an alibi. Kate assumes her alibi is BS. They discuss Gabi Chic. Kate lets Gabi know when she learned what Andre had planned, she was furious and gave him an ultimatum. If her love and their marriage meant anything to him, he’d re-hire Gabi. Andre refused so she left. Gabs asks if that’s the last time Kate saw him. Before she can answer, Chad and Abby appear and the funeral director calls. They need to go make plans. Chad and Kate leave to get ready and Abigail reflects that Gabi’s one of her closest friends. Still, she needs to know. Did Gabi kill Andre?Episode # 13264

Back at the hospital, Dr. Shah saves Kayla from discussing Lani’s pregnancy further, so Val calls Eli to meet.

Eli meets Val at the park with muffins and coffee. She comes right out and inquires if he used protection when he and Lani had sex. Eli’s startled. He should have but…Val sighs. She relays news of Lani’s pregnancy and thinks he should know if the baby is his or not.

Eli arrives at SPD, finds Lani and drags her into the interrogation room. He knows she’s pregnant and commands she tell him if the baby is his.

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