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Abigail screams when she heads into Andre’s office at DiMera and sees him dead on the floor.Episode # 13261

Rafe wakes up to Hope planning their wedding in bed. Rafe professes his love and they make love.

Chad arrives home to Kate. They agree they had a rough night last night. News of Gabi getting fired is in the news, Chad says. Kate doesn’t know how Andre could have betrayed her that way. They agree there will be consequences. Kate goes to shower and Chad realizes he has to deal with an iron fist. Abigail calls, barely able to get the words out that Andre’s dead. Chad rushes to DiMera. Meanwhile, upstairs, Vivian goes to Stefan’s room to get their stories straight. Vivian says any minute now the police will find Andre. Stefan promises nothing will be traced back to them. He urges his mother to relax and sends her out. Vivian goes to the lounge where she finds Kate grumpy. Vivian asks if there is trouble in paradise. Episode # 13261Kate tells Vivian not to be coy. Vivian must know Andre fired Gabi without consulting her. Vivian suggests she talk to her husband but Kate thinks Vivi had something to do with it. Kate stomps off and Vivian runs her finger across Andre’s photo and says, “One down.”

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At the park, Gabi cries as she tells Eli Andre fired her. Eli is shocked. She explains that Andre learned that the seed money Eduardo got came from an illicit source. Eli wants to storm DiMera now but she refuses, citing it pointless. Eli gets a work call and apologizes. He has to go investigate a possible homicide.

Roman cleans at the pub as he flashes to Anna breaking up with him. Anna arrives. Episode # 13261She flashes to the mysterious and upsetting letter she received yesterday. Roman apologizes to her for ambushing her with Marlena. His only excuse is he cares for her, and is a little jealous of her devotion. He notices she’s not carrying the urn now but knows Tony will always be a part of her. Anna’s thankful. He asks to give their relationship another shot. Anna would like nothing more but she isn’t sure if it’s possible. She has a confession to make. Roman’s there for her no matter what.

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Chad arrives at DiMera and hugs Abigail as she sobs. She looks for the murder weapon and touches all of his glasses. Chad tells her it’s a crime scene. They need to call the cops and leave the room. As they go, Chad stares back at Andre, looking ill. Chad calls the police and later, Rafe and Hope turn up at the scene. “It looks like blunt force trauma,” says Rafe. He sees ashes on the floor and follows the trail where he finds Tony’s urn.

Eli arrives at DiMera, surprised to see the murder victim is Andre. Rafe shows him the trail of ashes leading to the urn. Rafe thinks it’s Tony DiMera’s ashes and the urn belongs to Anna DiMera. In Gabi’s office, Abigail recounts how she found him and asks who he had issues with at the office. Abby flashes to seeing Gabi at the park, threatening to kill Andre for firing her. She keeps it to herself but Chad says he was angry with his brother for firing Gabi. Hope will need to speak with Gabi but Chad doesn’t think she’s capable…”Of murder? Except we all know she is,” Hope finishes. She hugs Abs then goes to the scene in Andre’s office.andre-dead-gurney-days-nbc Rafe and Eli update her on the investigation, noting there’s blood on the urn. Anna’s now a person of interest. Eli says whoever did this was sloppy or trying to implicate someone in Andre’s murder. Kate walks in and starts to cry as she sees Andre placed on the gurney. She crosses the police tape and Eli says she shouldn’t be here. She cries that he was her husband.

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Gabi goes to Stefan at the square. He’s reading about her firing online and says he can’t believe it. Gabi calls it crazy. Stefan claims he wasn’t informed but finds it disturbing. She asks him to override it but that’s not his management style. Gabi accuses him of denying this because she wouldn’t go on a date with him. He denies that and then gets an alert with the news of Andre’s death.

Rafe and Hope enter the pub and ask Anna to come to the station to discuss the murder of Andre DiMera.

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Hope doesn’t want Roman in on the murder investigation.

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