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Episode # 13257At the pub, JJ meets with Eric and updates that he quit SPD and Lani’s having his baby. He’s excited at his new purpose in raising a healthy and happy child. Eric asks how Lani is feeling about it and JJ admits she wanted to abort at first. He figures it’s because she didn’t think he could handle it in the state he was in over shooting Theo. Eric hopes he’s not clinging to fatherhood to fill a void. JJ assures him it’s not and thinks it means he and Lani were meant to be.

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Eli and Gabi bask in the afterglow of lovemaking at his place, then go at it again. Afterward, Gabi finds a woman’s earring on the floor. She questions him. He tells her it’s Lani’s. Gabi looks jealous. Eli Episode # 13257assumes Lani lost it Christmas Eve and insists Gabi’s the only one for him. They kiss and Gabi dresses and goes.

At the square, Val comments that Abe has no appetite. Abe doesn’t like the idea of leaving Theo in that clinic in South Africa for a year. He ponders resigning as mayor and moving with him and asks her to come. Val doesn’t want to be away from her son. Abe can identify. He decides to stay and they agree to visit Theo as often as they can.

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Chad and Abigail are unhappy to find Stefan in Theo’s room at the hospital, playing chess. Stefan wanted to get acquainted with his nephew before he goes away. Abigail can appreciate that. Stefan leaves and Chad starts bitching. Theo says Stefan seems nice enough but Chad blames Stefan for Theo getting shot. Theo says he’s done his research on the clinic and is excited at the prospect of doing something that could benefit others. Episode # 13257They hug him and Abigail goes back to work and Chad gives Theo a tablet with video capability so they can stay close. Theo’s glad. Chad will miss Theo. They embrace and tear up. In Kayla’s office, Lani lets Kayla know she’s going to keep her baby and let JJ raise it as his own. Kayla calls it a lie. “Maybe JJ doesn’t have to know,” Lani muses. Kayla calls passing another man’s baby off as JJ’s is a serious matter. Lani knows the other man wouldn’t want to know the truth. Kayla comments that if JJ does the math, he’ll figure it out. Lani doesn’t think men are that smart when it comes to women’s cycles. Kayla asks if she’s prepared to lie to JJ for the rest of their lives. Lani doesn’t care. Kayla goes on about so many repercussions and asks her to really consider this. Back in Theo’s room, Chad leaves and JJ stops by. Theo asks him to look after Lani. JJ will do so and tells him that they’re having a baby together. Later, JJ meets Lani at the hub. There’s something she needs to tell him. JJ wants to go first. He lets her know he told Theo they were having a baby, just as Abe walks up and overhears.

At DiMera, Abigail gives Stefan today’s press releases. “I changed your favorite color to plaid and your favorite sport to bobbing for apples.” They discuss how close Chad and Theo are. Stefan notes she lights up when she talks about Chad. Of course she does – she loves him and calls him “practically perfect” in every way. They discuss Abby faking her own death and Stefan scoffs that Chad moved on with her best friend, Gabi. Abigail defends that decision. Gabi appears to let them know she’s in and after she goes, Stefan is shocked at how kind Abigail is to the woman who had sex with her husband. Stefan thinks Gabi signed with DiMera because of Chad. Abigail disagrees and asks why he’s trying to make trouble. He keeps stirring the pot. Meanwhile, Chad appears at Gabi’s office and congratulates her then asks for her thoughts on Stefan. “We got off on the wrong foot,” she tells him and reveals Stefan thinks she joined DiMera to be around Chad but they know better and are happy that the three of them are over it. They hug. Later, once alone, Stefan finds Abigail’s key card and gazes at the picture. Meanwhile, Abigail walks in on Gabi and Chad hugging.

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Val visits Eli at Martin House with a few new items of clothing for him. He has to up his game since he’s dating a fashionista now. She urges him to try them on so they can go say goodbye to Theo. Eli opens up to his mom that Gabi means everything to him but he had sex with Lani.

Kayla drops by the pub, where she asks Eric how JJ is. He can’t discuss that considering he’s his counsellor.

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