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Eric rummages through his desk at the Horton Center when Jenn arrives. She’s all business and when Eric tries to ask her out she says she has plans.

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At the pub, Steve and Kayla read about Vivian and Stefan’s foray into Salem before Kay goes to work.

At the hospital, Lani tells JJ that Theo’s going to a clinical trial in South Africa for a year for rehab. JJ’s upset since there are no guarantees Theo will walk again. Jenn stops at the hubEpisode # 13252 to vent about being unsure of Eric’s feelings toward her. Kayla finds Dr. Shah, (played by Andre Khabbazi), to help her with their new Wellness Center. Later, Lani’s alone when she has a dizzy spell. Kayla walks in and Lani explains she’s dizzy so Kayla runs some tests. They come back a few minutes later. Lani’s pregnant.

Gabi visits Eli at SPD to discuss feeling betrayed since she was supposed to be working with Chad at DiMera and now has to deal with Stefan, who she doesn’t trust. She’s not sure what to do about it. Eli lends support, which is all Gabi needed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will tells Maggie he’s moving out. Maggie looks weepy but Victor knew it was only a matter of time before Will broke Sonny’s heart again. Will isn’t ready to be married to anyone right now. He goes and Maggie tries to get Victor to stop blaming poor Will for this when he doesn’t even know who he is.

Paul walks by Sonny at the square. Sonny stops him and lashes out. “Feeling guilty?” he asks. Paul’s confused. Sonny fills him in on Will asking for a divorce and blames him, citing that kiss as partial issue. Paul explains that Will made the first move and he didn’t want to push Will away as a friend since he’s been so confused. Sonny calls Paul hurt, angry and jealous. Paul admits he’s all those things but he wants Sonny to be happy, even if it means he’ll lose him.

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Sonny arrives home and finds Will at the door. Sonny hoped he’d change his mind. Will says things would have gotten here at some point anyway but he’s saddened by this. Maybe they can be friends. Sonny doesn’t want to be Will’s friend. He wants to be his husband. Will leaves and Sonny cries on Victor’s shoulder but Vic thinks Sonny’s better off without Will and hopes this doesn’t make it hard for him to run the company. Maggie gets weepy again as Victor shows his crustier side. Sonny leaves, packs a bag and returns. He’s headed out to London for business. Aside from his kid, Titan’s the most important thing to him. Maggie hugs him goodbye.

Paul heads into the pub and tells Steve about Sonny lashing out regarding Will. Paul can’t wait to work so he can get it out of his head. Steve looks for their new case and realizes he left it in the car. He gets up to get it and becomes severely dizzy. Paul grabs him before he falls but Steve makes light of the vertigo so Paul leaves. Later, Steve tries to read documents and the words are blurred. He wonders what’s going on.

JJ goes for his first counselling appointment with Eric at the Center. He talks about Theo a little, then Lani pulling away from him. Eric comments that it could be due to something other than Theo. JJ talks up how glad he is that Eric and his mom are getting close again. Eric isn’t sure Jenn is up for more than friendship. JJ says maybe he should ask her. They part ways as photos of Nicole fall on to Eric’s desk. Later, Jenn appears with Dr. Shah and notices the pictures as the two make plans to work together. When Shah asks her out she says yes just as Eric appears.

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Paul spots Will at the square. He heard Will is leaving Sonny. Will couldn’t stay when he’s attracted to someone else. He takes off.

After flashing back to cheating on Gabi with Lani, Eli calls JJ over to SPD.

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