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In a hotel room, Will asks Sonny not to go. The Kiriakis assumes this means sex but Will just wants to get to know him better. He can’t remember anything about their love. Sonny tells him about their awkward first meeting and their friendship. He remembers when Will came out to him. It was a few months before they had their first date. Sonny grabs a photo album and they flip though. That leads to a kiss. Sonny starts to stutter and get apologetic but Will says it was nice. They recall their wedding. Though Will remembers part of his vows, that is just because he knew them anyway. Sonny decides to leave him to get some rest.

Brady kisses Eve-DOOL-JJAt the mansion, Brady is impressed by Eve’s talents for holiday decoration. She admits it was Maggie. They bicker and he suggests they put business aside for the holidays. She asks him about his fight with Victor. He flashes back to telling Victor their planned worked. Eve lectures him about the need to stop Sonny. She wants to beat Kate at her game and asks if he will work for her. He refuses but, after a little goading, gives in. She is shocked. They talk terms. When they shake on it, he points to the mistletoe and pulls her into a kiss. Eve awkwardly runs off. He congratulates himself on a great performance and pours a drink.

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Jenn joins Abe at the hospital. She’s stayed away out of respect, but her family is going through a lot too. JJ didn’t shoot Theo intentionally and he is punishing himself. She says that her son needs his prayers and forgiveness. Abe can’t do that. She reminds him of when he shot Brady. That nearly destroyed him. Luckily, Brady lived. After they go over that, she begs him again to understand what her son is going through. He offers to think it over but isn’t making any promises. She thanks him and leaves.

Gabi comforts JJ-DOOL-JJLani sees JJ and Gabi hugging in bed at the hotel. She throws her hand over her mouth and runs. JJ thanks Gabi for saving his life. She wants him to see a therapist and insists on spending the night. He decides to sleep in a chair. Neither of them can sleep, so she continues reminding JJ of how loved he is. She understands why he broke up with Lani, but thinks he should give her another chance. Then, they can both start the new year with someone they love.

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As Eli heads to his room, Lani rushes up in tears. They go in and drink. She tells him that JJ is sleeping with Gabi. He is about to run off and kill JJ when she stops him. She reminds him that JJ is a mess. He understands that but it doesn’t mean he should be in bed with Gabi. Eli feels like Gabi has been using him. He admits that he wrote her off and fell for someone else… Lani. He says he would never walk away from her like that idiot JJ. They kiss. He apologizes. They are both hurting but the kissing makes her feel better so she asks for more. They strip down and have sex.

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