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At the DiMera mansion, Chad plays the recording of Kate’s admission. Steve issues a warning to Kate, then leaves.Kate-EJ-debate-parlor-Days-JJ Chad angrily tells Kate he assumed Andre was responsible for Theo being shot when it was her. Chad forces Kate to say it was her, then grimaces that whatever happens regarding Theo is all on her. Kate becomes emotional as Chad recounts how she stayed silent, tried to blackmail a kid, and threatened Kayla. He can only imagine what Stefano would have done to her. Kate asks, “What are you going to do to me?” They yell back and forth until Chad decides Kate will do what he tells her from now on. He won’t turn her in to spare Abe, and warns if JJ’s fired she’ll be responsible for that too. Chad will take Kate’s place as CEO – if she makes wrong one move she’ll be not only out of the company, but the family.

At the SPD, Lani tells Jennifer she hopes things go well for JJ. Jenn prays they all get good news today. Rafe-Abe-pointing-JJ-Days-JJIn the office, Rafe reveals to Abe and JJ that the Department of Internal Affairs has cleared JJ in Theo’s shooting. Abe spits that he’s getting away with it; it’s another whitewash. Rafe has recommended the DA not file charges, and tells Abe it’s over. Abe vows this will not stand! He’s floored when Rafe says IA is recommending reinstatement. Rafe defends the investigation. Abe has to go be with Theo, who is fighting for his life thanks to JJ. After, Rafe updates Jenn, Abigail, and Lani, who learn Abe didn’t take it well. She warns JJ it may take time for her dad to accept this. JJ can’t see them ever putting this behind them. Abigail and Jennifer hope Abe will forgive JJ if Theo recovers. Abby tells JJ he needs to forgive himself. Rafe returns JJ’s badge and weapon; he’ll put him with Eli. JJ agrees, but looks morose.

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At the park, Ciara flashes to Rafe worrying about Hope finding out he had sex with Sami.Ciara-Hope-park-Days-JJ Hope appears and confronts her daughter about threatening to ruin Claire’s life. Ciara alludes to Claire deserving it. Hope wonders what’s going on with her. Ciara unloads about her troubles in life and snarks about Rafe. Hope reminds her she likes Rafe, and assures Ciara she will be happy again. They embrace. Talk returns to Claire. Ciara insists the blonde knows she only broke up with Theo because of what happened with Chase, now because of her, she may never be able to tell Theo how she feels. Hope insists Claire’s not responsible for Theo’s coma. Ciara gets angry, and has something to tell her about Rafe. Hope gets a call that JJ was reinstated and takes off after expressing her love to Ciara.

In the square, Tripp coaxes Claire to eat. She rants about Ciara acting like she’s doing something wrong for being his friend. “She has come back a total bitch!” Tripp confides that Ciara knows Claire and Theo fought the night he was shot. Claire gets paged to the hospital.

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Kayla-Val-Abe-hospital-news-Days-JJAt the hospital, Kayla updates Theo’s family that Dr. Brett’s procedure didn’t work. Abe asks if there’s hope. Kayla remains positive, as Claire arrives and realizes what’s happened. Ciara appears. Claire fills her in on the failed procedure. Ciara turns hostile and insinuates that Tripp thinks he’s Claire’s new boyfriend. Claire notes that Ciara certainly didn’t grow up in Hong Kong. In Theo’s room, Abe muses about his son spending his life breaking the odds. His life matters, and if it’s the last thing he does, he’ll make sure no one forgets. Abe tells Theo JJ was cleared and he’ll do whatever it takes to get justice.

Kayla meets Steve at the square. He tells her Chad knows everything Kate did. Tripp listens as Steve insists Kate is scared now, with good reason. Kayla gets a message from Jennifer that JJ’s been cleared. They wonder how Abe will take it. Kayla makes nice with Tripp, who returns the sentiment. Steve smiles; they’ve come a long way.

At the DiMera house, Chad gets a call Theo’s procedure didn’t work. He asks Kate to pack her bags as Abigail arrives. She’s worried about JJ learning Theo’s procedure didn’t work.

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At home, JJ isn’t feeling celebratory with Theo in a coma. Jenn hopes the specialist will help him. She notices JJ’s been reading his bible – she’s also been praying. JJ sets his gun on the bible and looks haunted. Jenn takes a call and tells JJ it’s not good news.

At the station, Hope reveals to Rafe that Ciara had something to tell her about him. “Any ideas what it could be?” Rafe flashes to Ciara asking him, “Was that Sami I just saw you with?”

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