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Episode # 13234Hope rolls around in Rafe’s bed, staring at her engagement ring. Rafe wakes up and she says nothing will come between them again. Rafe flashes to sex with Sami and frowns. He hopes not.  Hope wonders about Ciara not lobbying for her motorcycle license as they get up to make pancakes.

Eve finds Gabi at the square. They catch up over talk of Episode # 13234Deimos and Eduardo. Gabi brings up Eve recovering from Paige’s death. Eve says that you don’t recover but the pain subsides. Eve wants to buy out Gabi Chic and roll it into Basic Black then have Gabi work for her. Gabi’s intrigued but had a similar offer from Countess Wilhelmina. Gabi isn’t sure she can work with the wife of Deimos. Eve says this could be the start of a partnership without baggage.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady makes a secretive phone call to Paul about Eve and then finds Sonny leaving Will another message to talk. Brady suggests, “He’s just not that into you.” Sonny gets bent out of shape. Brady says the more he chases his ex, the closer Brady is to the corner office. They go back and forth until Brady throws Will’s seduction of Paul in Sonny’s face. Sonny thinks Brady’s bluffing until he mentions the kiss.

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John meets Paul at the pub and learns that he and Sonny broke up and that Will came on to him. Paul elucidates. He thinks the best thing for him is to bury himself in his work and move on. He tells his dad about Brady’s request to find dirt on Eve. The men get to work.

Marlena puts John’s gift under the Christmas tree. She answers the door to Sami who is holding gifts. Sami says, “Ho-ho-ho,” and Marlena takes the gifts before closing the door. Sami knocks again and explains that she and Will spoke and are in a good place. Will walks up and agrees, “Sami and I, well, my mom and I came to an understanding.” Marlena takes the gifts into another room and Sami gives Will a ‘regift’ which was his anyway. Will laughs and opens it to find a journal from when he was 13. She thought he might like to read the entries and write the story of the life he wants to have now. Will likes that idea but is embarrassed he didn’t get her anything. When he sees her engagement ring, he notices it’s not the same one he found on the floor. Sami lies that EJ gave her a lot of jewelry and she switches them out. Sami says there are some of his belongings in the car so Will goes to get them while Marlena tells Sami that she’s happy for her daughter and grandson. “It’s a Christmas miracle.” Sami tells her mom she thinks she got through to Lucas, who vowed to get help. Marlena’s impressed. They share a touching moment and Sami tells her mom she loves her for so many reasons. They tear up and hug. Will returns with John. Sami thanks him for everything in Memphis. He hugs her and whispers, “I’ve always been on your side.” Sami says kind words to Will and he hugs her goodbye as she sobs. “Bye Mom,” he whispers.

Kate visits Lucas who is detoxing at the hospital. He’s shaking as he goes through alcohol withdrawal. Maggie appears and reminds Lucas this is the worst of it but he’ll get through it. Lucas feels he’s let everyone down but Maggie knows he’ll get better, work the steps and make amends. Lucas worries he doesn’t deserve forgiveness this time. Later, Sami visits. Lucas is throwing up. She snuggles him and they talk presents for the kids before Sami lets him know that she and Will are in a good place. Lucas is thrilled.

Paul arrives at the mansion and is upset to hear his brother broke his confidence. Sonny asks if it’s true, “Did you kiss Will?” Paul says, “No, it isn’t true. He. Kissed. Me.” Sonny doesn’t believe it and blames Paul for inviting Will. Paul defends himself. Will needed information and Paul kept him at arms’ length. Sonny says this isn’t the first time he’s kept something from him but Paul’s done defending himself about Memphis. Sonny plans on being with Will no matter how they feel. He stomps off. Paul hands over documentation he came up with about Eve. Paul goes and Brady chuckles that Eve’s been a bad girl. Eve appears and he offers to share something with her…

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Kate meets Gabi at the square. Gabi says there’s another offer to buy Gabi Chic from Eve Donovan Kiriakis. Meanwhile, at the park, Rafe and Hope find Bo’s motorcycle unattended.

At the townhouse, Will finds the official legal marital separation agreement. Sonny shows up and says he wants his husband back.

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