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From SPD, Hope makes a call to Shawn, asking him to lock up Bo’s bike in the garage so Ciara can’t ride it. Eli interrupts. They’re both sorry about the way things turned out. Neither can find Rafe. Eli wonders who his new partner is. Hope’s worried, considering Gabi said he didn’t make it home last night.

In Sami’s bed at Salem Inn, Rafe dreams about breaking off the engagement with Hope, then wakes up to Sami. He feels guilty over sex with Episode # 13228Sami but she says it’s not cheating. Neither wants to face the mess they’ve made. Rafe pokes fun of what she did to Will and Sami agrees she took it too far. She’ll apologize to everyone. Rafe ignores a call from Hope, which Sami chastises him for. Sami calls what they did ‘just comfort’ and hopes he’s not going to tell Hope. Rafe doesn’t want to lie to her. Hope arrives at the door, knocks, and calls Sami’s name. Rafe hides. Sami lets Hope in and when Hope asks if she’s seen Rafe, Sami lies that she hasn’t seen him. Episode # 13228Hope relays that he broke off their engagement and Sami is sorry. She thinks they can fix this. Hope admits she loves Rafe. Sami asks her to make him listen. Hope smiles and goes. Rafe comes out of hiding and is glad Sami used her powers for good. “I always use my powers for good,” she says. Sami orders Rafe to call Hope.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady can’t find Tate anywhere and calls the cops as Eve walks in with him. “Tate wanted to see the ducks,” she says. Brady’s pissed. Maggie brings the kid to breakfast and Brady yells at Eve. “Looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the Bloody Mary,” Eve snipes. She accuses Brady of ignoring his son. Eli appears. Victor finds this nonsense. Maggie returns and tells them Tate just ate three waffles. Eli is confused. Brady accuses Eve of kidnapping yet they’re both there. Brady decides to let it go. Eve picks up the diaper bag and urges the detective to look for an amulet inside. Brady apologizes for the call. Eli was already on his way over, looking for a statement for Deimos’ murder. Eli tells Brady that Eve’s got a solid alibi, which means Brady’s the new main suspect. Victor barks that he knows for a fact that Brady didn’t kill Deimos and everyone’s head spins to look at him. Vic says he was home with him, recovering from heart surgery. Eve scoffs that they hired someone to murder Deimos or at least they know who did it. Eli wants a list of people who live there or who have access to the mansion. He goes and Eve stomps off. Maggie demands the men tell her what they know about the murder. They’re quiet so she takes off. Brady and Vic agree Brady has made a mess. He says it’s a good thing Nicole’s not around. Vic suggests that “If the noose gets any tighter, that may have to change.”

At the Martin House, Paul confides in his father, thinking he has ruined his chances with Sonny. John tells his son about Sami busting Ben Weston out of Bayview to recreate Will’s strangulation.

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At the pub, Belle tells Will she can’t wait for him to meet Ciara – again. Marlena goes to check in with John and Belle tells Will stories of when he was a kid. Will thinks he was a brat and laughs. HeEpisode # 13228 thinks Belle’s nice – nothing like her sister, Sami. Belle says he and Sami used to be really close. He can’t see it. He tells her the story about Sami breaking Ben out of Bayview to strangle him in order to make him remember his past. Belle’s flabbergasted and sorry. Sami went way too far but that’s who she is. She never stops fighting for those she loves. Will asks if she has kids. She tells him about Claire. He asks if Belle would sic a serial killer on her. Belle says no, but everyone’s human. Even Will has made mistakes. She almost blurts something when Marlena returns. Will asks her to continue and she tells him he cheated on Sonny with Paul. Will is disgusted with old Will. He takes off. After, Marlena gripes at Belle and Belle defends herself. She doesn’t think it’s fair to anyone that Will doesn’t know who he really is.

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Belle arrives on Sami’s doorstep. Rafe-thought-Hope-was-ready-Days-JJ-1024x599Sami’s unwelcoming.

Will stops by Martin House to see Paul, who has just stepped out of the shower and is clad in only a towel.

Rafe meets Hope at the park. She asks where he was last night.

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